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:: It sticks May 27, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

I heard that if you keep something up for 28 days, it’ll stay for life.






Great. I’ll be Garfield in a few months.


1. Puteri Nad - May 27, 2008

u keep waddap?

2. coops - May 27, 2008

some thgs are better kept to ourselves, but sometimes, it’s just too much to take… 😦

3. pluginbaby - May 27, 2008

akk.. if u become a garfield, can i keep u? hehehe

4. pluginbaby - May 27, 2008

ey.. when did u see my pic? hurm.. did i gave ya any? didnt remember any.. well, ive made up my mind.. im separating my blog.. one is for other uses and one which is /dirtylittlesecret is for personal stuffs :D.. i kinda liked it that way and it sounds better i guess..

p/s : admit je la u wanna be patrick in spongebob square pants tu kn? jgn malu2 la.~

5.   Quotables 1 : Kak Min Says .. by To Be The Last One, Who Will Sing You To Sleep, To Be The Last One, Who Will Take You There - May 27, 2008

[…] :: It sticks […]

6. DaRk AnGeL~* - May 27, 2008

hello there..
dropping by here~

7. mossavi - May 28, 2008

28 days??

8. pluginbaby - May 28, 2008

ill keep it for 27 days in that case..

9. Minci - May 28, 2008

keep any habits up

kak coops,
i can understand that. 🙂

if u keep me, will you feed this kakak of yours delicious lasagna every day? ha ha ha

kak syifa,
aloha.. 😉

aunty mossavi,
well.. maybe about 30 days? 😛

10. pluginbaby - May 29, 2008

hurm.. ill better start lookin for the nearest and the most superbly delicious lasagna for be fed to u soon.. hik2

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