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:: Nettles May 28, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

Winter never left  us. she is lingering in the background by giving us this gloomy, cloudy and rainy weather. I dont mind the dark but at times like this when I need to save electricity… it’s no fun!

I’m still getting the occasional itch from the nettles I handled a few days ago in the backyard. Yahh. our little jungle. My forearm itches like hell especially at night. Thanks to Jet’s Euvax, it’s a wee bit better now.

For some reason I did not register those horrible plants as nettles! I heard about this plant from a childrens fairytale actually. Ever heard about the story where this princess mad clothes out of nettles, just so she could break the curse that has been placed on her brothers. her brothers were casted a spell to be swans. Story has it that she was still knitting the last piece of shirt while being brought to the burning stake ( cause people thought she was a witch) but didnt manage to finish the sleeve of one, so one of her brothers didnt transform fully into a man and had wings instead of arms. I think the story was called The Seven Swans or something. Or was it six?

Ah well.. Im still waiting the glory of spring. waiting and waiting.


1. Puteri Nad - May 28, 2008

its all hot here..
windy tho
i want almost winter and almost spring back

2. Minci - May 28, 2008

gimme sunshine..gimme!!!

3. mossavi - May 29, 2008

Love Spring! Love flowers! Love the warmth! Love Minci! Love Mossavi!

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