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:: Pangai May 28, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

Let’s learn another Sarawak vocab, shall we? Todays word is Pangai.


Pangai is used to describe;

  • people who likes to ‘cakap besar’. Eksen here and there only.

Maybe if Zy have time, she can illustrate it better for us.



1. mossavi - May 29, 2008

Hmmmm …. perhaps I should consider a Sarawakian BF cum husband-to-be? Hehehehehe …… but not a ‘pangai-kian’ pleassseeee …… preferably a ‘mangkokian’ like me 🙂

2. Puteri Nad - May 29, 2008

lol pangai..

mcm bunyi lengai

3. pluginbaby - May 29, 2008

PErangai? LEngai… Sungai.. hurm..

4. malim - May 29, 2008

wah good word.. nanti leh guna ni

5. kaSyah - May 31, 2008

org2 pangai ni bingai betol

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