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:: Baez big oredi May 30, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

Happy Birthday to Baez/Momok Sparta..

How long have we been friends? I’m pretty sure it was several birthdays. Only this year, I have to apologize, I havent sent you neither a card or a present. Damn the Exams. Nad, get your club. We’re going to beat Exams inside out to the pulp!
Maybe once I’ve washed my hands off Exams blood, I’ll pick something up from the shops and airmail it to you. If not, I’ll treat you to a meal when we go back home to serve our country as docs. Insya-Allah. Oh yah.. good luck for your results too!!

Hence I am baking you this cake to make up for the absence of a card and present. You and the other EvilMind [read: nad nad] are never far from my thoughts. 😉

The cake I have here is Choc Chip Coffee Cake. Interestingly, there is no coffee in the recipe. Just to describe that you eat this cake with coffee.

115g butter, softened
200g white sugar 
2 eggs
230g sour cream
310g all-purpose flour
5ml vanilla extract
7g baking powder
5g baking soda

170g semi-sweet choc chips
100g white sugar
2g ground cinnamon

1. Preheat oven 350F (175C). grease pan.
2. Bowl A : Flour + baking powder + baking soda
3. Bowl B : Butter + sugar (200g) first. then add in eggs + sour cream + vanilla. Mix well
4. Add Bowl A. it will be a thick batter
5. Bowl C : Choc chip + sugar (100g although could do with less) + cinnamon
6. Spread half of batter in pan. Then sprinkle with layer of Bowl C. Spread the remaining batter. Sprinkle the rest of Bowl C.
7. Bake for 25-30 mins or until you’re pretty sure it’s baked!

You can only break the rules once you’ve learnt them. I’m a novice in baking, therefore I followed the rules. Step by step. Well, most of them. Towards the end, I had to increase the heat and baking time. Took me like 45 minutes.

The next time I bake this, I’d probably consider cutting down on the sugar. The cake was admittedly a bit too sweet. Heh.

Here’s how it turned out.


Looks like a big chipsmore. Not worthy to be displayed at Secret Recipe. Ha ha

I just had to show part of my apron. 😛

A slice for everybody




1. baez says thanks - May 30, 2008

momok sparta is here thanking kakmin for the delicious kek
hihi that’s so sweet membaking cake walau jauh dr mata
should’ve web-conf lah
malam tadi makan kek bersama lilo dlm dim nye lampu sambil berchat2 dengan rakan2 tercinta (YM) and t’was quite superb, a bufday nite i wont forget ktanya
thanks kakmin

2. DaRk AnGeL~* - May 30, 2008


nice cake.. can i have some?

3. Minci - May 30, 2008

momok sparta,
oh. i dun want to disrupt u guys ber-YMing.. he he.. besides, I went to slumberland a wee bit early last night

kak syifa,
nah nahh.. ambik lah sekeping kek chipsmore ini.. 🙂

4. baez - May 30, 2008

yet i got ur emel wish ok
that’s more than enuf
thanks ok kakmin
dan sila post kek pris
mengidam sgt

5. coops - May 31, 2008

babe, i am so proud of you when you said you wanna serve your country 😀 makes me realize that NOT all doc grads are lupa daratan *argh*

6. kaSyah - May 31, 2008

Hepi buffday mr baez@ momok sparta…..selamat balik ke mesia nanti…bole la kite jalan2…hihihi

7. Puteri Nad - May 31, 2008

hihihihi exammmmm takotttttttt

8. mossavi - June 1, 2008

Chocs!!! Love ’em …. can skip rice for days … but chocs? Compulsory hehehe

9. Que - June 1, 2008

sedap nya sedap nya…. aku craving cake.. airmail satu yasmin!

10. mossavi - June 1, 2008

Ehem …. bake one for me when u get home 🙂
Tea over at your place? Or mine? Hehehe

11. malim - June 2, 2008

must try this recipe…

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