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:: Bakak 2 June 2, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

Apart from discovering a dead body on your doorstep, one other thing that could easily make someone get a heart attack is a letter that makes threats of legal proceedings.

some of you may recall the Bakak time I had with my electricity supplier company.

The right thing for me to do after that was to give them a copy of my tenancy agreement, so they could see for themselves that I’ve moved out of my property a long time ago and whatever bills that ive been charged afterwards is not my responsibilty. MOtif sangat tak update system? 

So I did just that, thinking that Yea.. this thing has been settled until…

Until another letter demanding £600 came again through the post this morning. This time coming from a different legal agency – all the way up from Glasgow! Man.. NPower really do want their money do they? Well.. may I suggest that you start hiring competent people to do the job.

so I made the call to this new company that is keen to send me to jail and after pouring out my woes, the lady said, “oh.. obviously this matter has not been pursued, please send us the copy of this agreement again’ My god.. just how many copies you people need. dont you guys talk to each other?!

Urgh… this case goes back to like 2 years back. I could just imagine the state that I’ll be in if I hadnt filed my tenancy agreement properly! I’d pprobably be a fugitive.. of debt!



1. 1january - June 2, 2008

lari je la dari negara ni..then u wont get the letters anymore..

stupid, stupid people..

2. Minci - June 2, 2008

tkleh.. nanti kat epot aku kena tangkap, pastuh masuk lokap.. huhu

3. Loan holder - June 3, 2008

Very nice blog.Keep up with the good work.

4. 1january - June 4, 2008

tadenye die tangkap ko kat epot..byk sgt tgk muvi awk ni..

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