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:: Nilam June 3, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life, Medical School.

Song : NurNilam Sari
Artist : Search & Awie

Program Nilam. Anybody remember it from school? It’s part of the curriculum in primary schools (did we have one in secondary school?) designed to encourage students to read as many books as they can and the students with the the highest number of books read in a year gets a prize.

I’m an avid reader. I love to read. Call me a nerd. Call me a kiasu. An outcast. Burn me at the stakes with books. I dont care! I was over the moon when the Nilam programme was implemented. I figured I could try and win that prize. After all, I read very quick. Well, I thought I did.

When it was time to announce the winner, I discovered that my best wasn’t good enough. I didnt win anything. Not even 3rd place but hey, you’ve got to be kidding me.. more than a few hundred books in a year? All of them are books? Properly reviewed and given ratings? Complete with comments that are well-constructed? No cheating? Seriously?

Ok Ok OK.. I accept defeat. ha ha ha.



1. kaSyah - June 3, 2008

i did used a little trick…..but still didnt win any…yohohoho

2. Puteri Nad - June 3, 2008

aha,tak baca buku tu pon kan..tp tulis sinopsis saje..kan kasyah kan?
i didnt win too,coz im too lazy to write inside that nilam book..but i bet i read more than the winner..miahahaha

3. Minci - June 3, 2008

pst pst.. tell me tell me..

i bet you did. you glow brightly – just like a bookworm should . heh 😉

4. fuzzy - June 4, 2008

wah. projek ini kunamakan projek tilam sebab kesudahannya mesti di atas tilam zzzzzzzzzzz…..

last2 skali amik sinopsis belakang buku tu je. this projek is such a penipu makers!

another penipu punya projek is hmm…apa ek.. perwira kut. the one yg fund raising yg kununnya will give u hadiah if u reach certain amount (hadiah according to raised money band, n i qualified for certain hadiah!). i wonder what happened to the money collected….hmmmm….

5. 13may - June 4, 2008

hahha hahha hahha

6. mossavi - June 4, 2008

yeah yeah I remember my own kids always telling me about it all hehehehe

7. Minci - June 4, 2008

ee.. tido je keje. bangun bangun.
memang ok. it breds liars! liars!
oh.. I remember that perwira thing. whenever I collect for that, tak pernah lebih daripada RM10. sebabnya mudah.. I just ask from family members.. he he.
oh..so you won something.. nice!

oi.. kau kenapa? ha ha ha ha ha
gelak memanjang.. giller ke apa

aunty mossavi,
yah yah yah.. not so good especially when the library is not that interesting

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