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:: The inner diva June 3, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Love and Relationship.
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What is your idea of a high maintenance gf?

I consider myself to be high maintenance. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being very cikai and 10 being overly high maintenance, I’d rate myself as a 6 or 7.



My perception of maintenance roots from 2 aspects – material and emotional.

Whilst I dont give a heck about material. No wait, I lied. I may not care much about having a mansion overlooking a personal manmade lake on my premise with labradors (motif?) barking at my gate guarding my house, but I’d want at least a little roof on my head and crumbs of food on the table. I can do without Prada or a Dolce. A Dolcis or Barratt is fine. A bouquet of roses doesnt have to come to my ward (duh!) everyweek but once in 3 months would be nice. Make them carnations or a somewhat less glamorous flower though because from experience, rose wither much quicker than other flowers when put in a vase. But I still want lah rose. Ahahahahaha..

Yes I want something for my birthday. At least a card if beau’s not physically there. An OTAI burger with rolled up paper rose is equally great. Worse comes to worse, a birthday wish through text on the start and end of the day. I dont mind if its a programmed/automatic sent text – it shows that beau cares cause really, even with that, can you actually programme a text message to be sent at a particular time? A sign of effort that is! and please dont hire a clown to give me balloons on my birthday. I may exhibit the traits and demeanour of a child (occasionally) but I’m like.. big oredi. That means no Potty Pot from Toys-R-us.

Now here comes the part where the biggest proportion of maintenance comes in.  

I demand ATTENTION as number one. Closely at number two, VARIETY (I get bored of something easily.I have short attention span)

ATTENTION : I wont be calling my beau every single hour of the day or send a text everytime Im going to the loo or anything. You know things like , “Im pouring some milk into my tea right now” or “I just changed into my comfy shoes for driving!! Muah muah”. but once I make the call or opened the screen for us to chat, he must drop everything that he’s doing. No berak2 or eat2 without informing me. I dont want to be left there on the line or screen talking to myself. And please do say ‘I Love you’ from time to time. Im a junkie for spoken love words.

Beau must take notice what I wear and not wearing. Must compliment that I look nice, if I am nice. Dont lie. Maybe Im rugged and frugal for a reason and then when asked, Id be pouring out my woes (hands waving in the hair, telling the story with a high pitch voice, ala2 Cruella De Vil) demanding another short slot of attention squeezed into your already busy life. Told ya Im high maintenance. hak hak.  

Once ikatan mengizinkan, I demand the attention to be topped up with a hug and whatever that comes with it. Thank you.

VARIETY : Honey, Im not asking you to put up a variety show or anything. This part you figure out yourself lah kan.. It’s like if today we eat burger OTAI at home (tuwit..at home? matilah khalwat), I mean eat OTAI at the porch in front of my house, the next time we have OTAI, we eatlah beside the kedai itself. Eat with knife or fork ke kan.. perasan steak. Can ahhh.. can lahhhhhhh. But then dont lah go change everytime, the boredom must be built up my dahhhhhlinggg..

With housemanship coming my way, time is the enemy. On second thought, maybe I should put off dating or starting a relationship till after that 2 years. Dont think any guy would understand what being a HO means. Another doctor would but.. thats a different story.

Did I tell you I’m choosy as well? Dont you dare eye-ball me.. all women are. They just dont admit it. Hmph. *Flick hair/tudung*

Right, do I still qualify as a 6/7 or do I have to up it to 8/9?  ha ha

Do you guys actually believe any of this? 😛



1. mossavi - June 3, 2008

Odd but true …… so like me

2. kaSyah - June 3, 2008

hi-maintenance takpe, janji berbaloi…hikhik

Dont lie“…hurmm…bole ke girls menerima kritikan kalo apa yg dipakai cam tak kena? kang makan dalam kang….lagi satu kalo cakap betul kang akan buatkan dorang dah kurang konfiden nak kuar. leceh la pulak nak tukar baju, tukar itu, tukar ini….hohoho…ye ke..ye ke ni?

matilah sape nak dating ngan ko skrang….2 tahun tu….sape la yg sanggup menunggu tu….hohoho

waa..cam sedap je otai…

i rate u 7 la…hohoho

3. hafiz - June 3, 2008

hehe..high maintenance eh. Agree with Kasyah. Perhaps your future husband should learn to ask sensitive questions in the RIGHT way. Kalau tak nanti, sure perang dunia ketiga.

4. missprinny - June 3, 2008

Yah high maintenance but on a very normal rage. It’s the quality you ask that should come as the norm. People just don’t give enough today and take too much for granted when they get to know ya. Make him work for it sweet Diva. I do!

5. Minci - June 3, 2008

yes people.. believe this piece.. believe it! ha ha ha..

aunty mossavi,
Odd people think alike.. 😛

janji berbaloi yer? miahaha..
ohhh.. aku nk deting dgn org bajau kat sabah.. blh tak.. kalo tk pun dgn tour guide yg jaga gunung kinabalu..
so you’re giving me a seven.. 🙂
one more thing, yup.. dont lie because usually the girls can sniff you out anyway. so I guess its a matter of telling the truth in a skillful way.

ahaha.. memang kena RIGHT way but lemme tell you one thing.. there wont be WW3 because he wont be there to fight it. Probably six-feet underground. Wachaaaa…

Precisely. So Im not asking that much am I? 😉

6. kaSyah - June 4, 2008

jaka:u ari ni pkai mcm tak kena la…
gadis: ape yg i pakai xkena?
jaka: tak matching la
gadis: ala…..ye ke…i dah takde baju lain ni…ala….nak tukar baju lagi…
jaka:dlm hati(aiya, makeup pun dh sejam…)

jaka: i nak ckp somethin’, tp u jgn la mrah.
gadis:ape die syg?
jaka:u ari ni pkai mcm tak kena la…
gadis: i pakai xkena?
jaka: tapikan…bagi i, u pakai ape pun memang cantik..terserlah keayuan u….org lain je yg xpandai menilai..

the girls can sniff you out anyway…memang la coz guys memang saje buat2 girls boleh detect ketidakbenaran mereka…coz guys rase bersalah nak tipu 100%…muahahaha…so dalam rela x rela je la ….

btw, nape sume sabahan…?huhuhu

7. mossavi - June 4, 2008

Sabahans?? ……… been observing too many Semenanjungans …. care to help me find a Sarawakian or Sabahan companion? hehehe *winks, winks*

8. mossavi - June 4, 2008

Minci, we are absolutely as in “ODD IS BEAUTIFUL” muuaahhhaaahaahaa

9. 1january - June 4, 2008

helo?bajau?sabah?i got that oredi ok..pegi tuka line plis..ahahhahaha..

kamen..it’s good that u could put into words macam mana kau punye maintenance..aku ni, kire2 high maintenance, yang aku tatau ape yg nak dimaintain..maka, perlu menghabiskan berkurun di gua untuk mencari identity dan kemahuan sendiri, seblom melabel diri dengan perkara2 tertentu how people can please me…sbb aku, tak pernah konsisten..

10. Puteri Nad - June 4, 2008

high maintenance lah sbb nak buat gua balek,dan nak cari authentic leather nak wat apron harian kamu

11. 1january - June 5, 2008

kenapa nak buat gua balik ok nad?gua runtuh ke?well, yah, i need that leather apron..ahahahha..

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