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:: Masons Woods June 6, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Downloads, Mini Projects.
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Editted: A moment of silence to adek murleen. May you rest in peace. And to all Malaysians who are studying overseas or locally, please take care of yourself and each other.

OK. Back to my entry. What happens when 3 girls walk in the woods?

Its quite disappointing having to do this on Microsoft Works. *Badsyah has been pre-installed with Windows Vista*. I may be able to open .doc files but whenever I create my work, I’d have to save it in the .doc form because not every web can upload the .wps. And not everybody can read the .wps.. yet.

Hence, this looks pretty on the .wps format but gets slightly ugly when converted to the .doc format. Spacing problems those sort of thing.

Apologies for the marginal error and mess. Click [me] to have a look at the pics on Scribd.




1. mossavi - June 7, 2008

Innalillahiwainnailaihiraji’un ….. Al Fatihah for adek Murleen 😦

2. Minci - June 7, 2008

adek murleen is a non-muslim..

3. 1january - June 7, 2008

very the green..

4. mossavi - June 8, 2008

Oh excuse for my ignorance ……. God bless soul dia all the same. Budak-budak comel jadi angels in heaven insha’allah ……

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