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:: The house by the railway track June 8, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Dream Diary.

I dreamt I was on a shooting spree last night. My poor victims were elderly Caucasians. For some reason, the objective of the exercise was to filter medical students who were not thorough in their judgement. I, for one was one of those students. We were told to shoot the patients before they transform into something else of evil nature and hence I would have to decide if shooting them was justifiable at the time I stopped their ticking of the heart. Strange form of test but still I failed. I killed too many patients. In fact, during the feedback session (what?) the ‘examiners’ told me that they were not happy with me shooting one particular male patient a couple of times. it’s because he wont die and he keeps on morphing!! what was I to do?

In another dream sometime ago, the scenario was in a sultans residence. He had commanded that all final year medical students studying in Manchester to come to his palace (menyembah duli). The Sultan then sat us down in front of a crowd – The People. He then proceeded with an announcement by urging the citizens to look at our faces, the doctors who will be serving the country after graduation. Honestly, it didnt sound anything that could make us hav a sense of pride in becoming healers. It felt more like a death sentence. I remembered feeling ‘fear’ throughout the dream. It could be due to the wedding present I brought to the Sultanah. I gave her a pair of telekung but when I wanted to perform salah, I realized I didnt bring mine. So, I kind of ‘borrowed’ hers instead before putting it back where it belongs. Mana tak cuak!!

But today it is more about to share this dream. Of my house by the railway track.

The circumstances of the dream was of horror (again!). Close to a thriller movie for in it, my family, my friends and I were pursued by an assassin who has sworn to take the life out of all of us. Like in any story, the beginning was calm and serene. My house was a beautiful wooden structure and located by the seaside. Perhaps it was the influence of Spirited Away for there it was, a railtrack passing beside my house continuing out to the sea.

The house itself was made of wood and it emanates wealth through the design and shine of the interiors. Walking through the front door, there were long huge windows opening out to the sea. The cool breeze passing through the large space causing my hair to just fly and float with the flowers swirling around. Feeling Pocahontas pliss.

The wooden floor felt almost cold to walk on but sort of welcoming especially having been outside in the heat. It was a huge one-storeyed long house. There was no indication of where my room was but I do know that my parents had theirs at the back of the house. One have to step out of the main house before being greeted by this little balcony they had just in front of their room. Its as though they had their own little private chalet, complete with everything they need in that dainty space of theirs.

I remembered standing by one of the big windows and just looking out of the sea. Akin to the wonderful experience of the clas trip I had whilst I was in Mara College to Port Dickson. The smell of morning, the sight of Gods phenomenal creations and to hear Life working its way around me was breathtaking.

Of course, that was the good part of the dream. It wasnt long before the nightmare begin.

All of a sudden, it was nightfall and I sensed DANGER. Something/someone wants our lives to be wiped off from the face of the earth. The wind took a turn from soft, calming breezes to an aggressive nature. Sand was blown into the house and frantically, I remembered screaming “Close the windows! Lock the doors!”

And waited in silence for DANGER to execute us.



1. mossavi - June 8, 2008

SO CUTE!! I mean …. the nightmare seemed like a NIGHTMARE yes of course, but overall the way you narrated it …… JUST SO CUTE!! The wooden house was cute. Its rich orangey color was …. cute too. Pocahontas pliss – cute nyer! Oh and the part where you borrowed The Sultanah’s telekung? ….. thats the CUTEST!

And waited in silence for DANGER to execute us …… pas tu what happened Min?

“Lain kali tidur basuh kaki” – my late grandma wud always remind us ….. 🙂

2. Minci - June 9, 2008

aunty mossavi,
the escaping part took a much longer time than narrated actually.
what happened after we waited was.. nothing.
I woke up before anything happened.

3. mossavi - June 9, 2008

Phew ……

4. kasyah - June 9, 2008

nak sambungan pliz..

pandai gak mewarna..hihihi

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