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:: Face in frames June 9, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

I’ve always dreaded the trip to the optic store whenever I have to get a new pair of glasses. This is because;

  1. Overall, the sales assistant are very unhelpful in terms of giving advice on what type of frames are suitable for my face. Hellooooo.. korang ingat sebab aku pakai tudung aku tak kisah pasal appearance? Hence, it is very very very irritating to see them giving too much attention to other customers who really, in the first place has dioptres of less critical range. Duh. Heyyyy.. nih DIva Kecil OK.. sini sini.. layan me..

Yah. I have that only one complaint.  Ha Ha.

Korang tunggulah nanti aku dress-up pegi kedai.. ala2 Primadona.. hmph. Then, I’ll flash and wave my credit card in a hypnotic fashion so as you people bow at my feet and serve my vanity. Miahahaha~~

But before I can eksen like that, might as well try on the many different frames first. Online. Tak banyak beza pun. 

 For the full video. Click here.

I suppose I look OK in those rectangle sort of frames. Perhaps semi-rimless. Not so much of colour. Huhu.


1. IzaD - June 10, 2008

cool..mmg nk beli spec baru..bole ‘try’ online dulu

2. mossavi - June 10, 2008

Masha’allah gorgeous eyes!!!! Allah Hafiz ….. 🙂

3. malim - June 10, 2008

i think nice lah square tuh… suits u lah

4. ieza - June 10, 2008

lawanye mata, hope to see in real..h0h0

5. mossavi - June 10, 2008

Min, those frames suits your gorgeous eyes.

6. hafiz - June 10, 2008

how bout half rim? it will be hard to choose colours. perhaps, you should be bring your friend to the shop and ask their opinion on how do you look with different spectacles 🙂

7. baez datang - June 10, 2008

baez’s top three utk kakmin chan
1) mohito
2) sapphie
3) kendall


8. Puteri Nad - June 10, 2008

sila yg mcm the incredibles.

9. Minci - June 10, 2008

trylah.. gi kat website dia.. 🙂

aunty mossavi,
those are contact lenses maaaa… I cant remeber what colour I wore but definitely not brown(although it looked like it) for I never wear brown/hazel..

you think? hehe.. actually my current pair is somewhat square

hoho.. u might get disappointed 😦

i bring my sis with me and she has been helpful
“kak.. your face looks fat in that”.. “kak.. ugly lah”
yah.. those sort of thing 😛

pink mohito? tk rasa weird ker? ah yes.. sapphie and kendall are my favs too

yg kamikaze frame I assume.. 😉

10. pokdeng - June 11, 2008

I keep looking your iris again and again… beautiful loh… was that contact lense or original punya ah? hehe…

11. Minci - June 11, 2008

Contact lenses!! Ha ha..

12. 1january - June 11, 2008

sy suke awk pakai live wire..perhaps, sy angkut awk gi kedai spek mata nnt..

13. coops - June 12, 2008

minci, u must find the pair that can really enhance ur gorgeous eyes, really! and personally, i really think “sapphie” suits you well.. so like a lemah lembut doc that patients always like!

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