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:: Re-leave June 16, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Medical School.

This part of my life is called ‘Re-Leave’ [read: relief]

A gift from Me to Me :
My very own sphygmomanometer
Who wants a free BP reading?

Relief because this chapter of my life has a relatively happy ending. And the process of leaving this foreign land is on its roll.

Five years. How time flies. I value the experiences I’ve managed to gather all this while. I still dont know it all – the mechanics of life and I like to believe that what I’ve learnt and know today is merely a taste of what the future has in store for me. The beautiful part of it all was forging friendships with individuals I’d never thought I’d be able to throughout my medical training. And I’d be most honoured if they’d remain within my radar eventhough I’m moving on to the next chapter in my autobiography. Of course, on my part I’d have to resist the occasional temptation of my own to slip off other peoples radar – on purpose. Ha ha.

Some time ago, I wasnt convinced that medicine is the right path for me. I had wanted to leave it all. I still dont have that Type A personality to walk this walk but Im happy to say that medicine may be the best thing for me. There’s a lot more to medicine than working in a hospital environment, becoming a lecturer or opening up a clinic and insya-Allah, I will find that out. There is life out there! It may be in the paths of Dr Tess Gerritsen, Dr Michael Crichton, Dr Hunter Adams, our very own Dr Jemilah Mahmood and Dr Sheikh Muszaphar! Or other less prolific doctors who chose to open boutiques, bakery shops and a thousand other side professions. If Ibn Sina can be both a medical practitioner and an astronomer,  I suppose I could also be healer, daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend and a florist at the same time. 😛

‘Chapter V:  5 Years In Red Devil’s Land’ will end with me taking the Hippocratic Oath. If the practice is abandoned, perhaps being reminded of my future duties as a doctor as outlined by the GMC. Only then, would I feel that the acknowledgement of being called the ‘little healer’ is true and worthy. 

After the intermission, its ‘Chapter VI: Debutante’. 😉 In the meantime, I might as well enjoy the carefree days of rattling out the likes of Ting Ting. “Thats not my name!!”



1. Zy - June 16, 2008

new layout eh? bleh thn..

congrats yah!

2. baez try icon sparta - June 17, 2008

is this like a new skin ?
malahan sepage satu entry katanya
btw congajugasyen (congratulations) okie
semoga berkursus induksi bersama sebab nak jumpa kasmon yang ntah2 da kepam dan bulunya tercabut2 hihi

3. baez nannes - June 17, 2008

owh icon sparta tak jadi

4. mossavi - June 17, 2008

Waaaahh ….. exclusive nyer site Doctor nih …… blink blink, blink blink, (my blinking eyes sebab terkezut) waaaahh …. saaaantiiik bah (kata org Sabah hehe) the very the exclucive look one! Keep it up Lady!! Hugz…
“I suppose I could also be healer, daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend and a florist at the same time.” – My prayers will always be with you 🙂
Bab bunga tu perhaps we can explore together-gether ek?!. Who knows!

5. pokdeng - June 17, 2008

Graduated?? Hmmm…

Kacak juak design baruk tok. Tapi, mun kitak pake nok colour light2, senang skit mek orang mok baca entry2 kitak.

6. hafiz - June 17, 2008

new layout. Nice.

Good luck for the future and hopefully you will be a good doctor 🙂

7. Minci - June 17, 2008

Thank you my dear 🙂

Layout baru tapi sepage satu entry mmg sengaja letak. ‘Search box’ and ‘Archives’ pun dah dimansuhkan. the idea being supaya tidak distalk.. he he

aunty mossavi,
oh yea.. who knows.. 😉

nak lain font sidaknya sik brp kacak.. kelaklah kamek nangga lagik

thank you

8. Puteri Nad - June 17, 2008

ooo ramai stalker ke okie,
meh read my BP

9. malim - June 17, 2008

congratulations! 5 years paid off.. as for me I am still stuck here with all head banging activity.. 😦

10. kasyah - June 17, 2008

… even not every wish was fulfilled, at least we are try.

i am glad with your achievement. dats the way to go dr. minci, oncall 24/7!

n i need to surprise with ur new blog looks….i think more than year u nvr change the theme…or this new theme is ur second theme…

ohh…i need to sing …somebody save…..me…!

11. mangoandjojoba - June 17, 2008

congrats!! you have a sphygmomanometer?? wow!

12. Minci - June 17, 2008

to evade new stalkers and prospective patients who might want to check on their silly docs.. lol

thank u.. good luck with ur phD

ah yes.. this is temporary. Im looking to see how my blogging hobby will go this year 😛

yup.. beli kat Blackwells for £16.99
the cuff designs were pretty. thats why I bought one..

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