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:: Faith June 19, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Love and Relationship, Ponderings.

It’s that type of feeling you get once in a while.

  • Zen. At peace. Openness – The realization of being ‘in the moment’. Living the Present.
  • A knot in the stomach. Heaviness in the chest – Knowing that you will reach that Future Event. Knowing that it will happen.

Today, was the knot.

I was in the living room with all the other species a.k.a. my housemates and it dawned to me that at about this time next month, we’re going on separate ways one by one. Leaving this place called home. Am I sad? Yes. Am I going to miss them all? Absolutely. Am I going to say this to their face? No. Baca je kat sini bley? Tak reti nak feeling2. Im not going to write you a love song, ok?

Things will change. it would be nice to keep in touch but we never know what might happen later on. I might be working in a very rural area – near the caves with bears as my pet.

I do hope that these species could at least keep writing in their blog. Or appear as ‘online’ on my YM list.
Faith tells me that we wont disappear completely from each others lives. I’d like to hold on Faith.




1. encik13may - June 19, 2008

layan blues nampak 😛

2. mangoandjojoba - June 19, 2008

Just to let you know, I’m collecting quotes from your blog…

3. Zy - June 20, 2008

i’m sure they’ll read this.


4. mossavi - June 20, 2008

To all Beautiful people in here …
Goodbyes Are Not Forever
Goodbyes Are Not The End
It Simply Means I’ll Miss You
Until We Meet Again!
Hugz to everyone esp my dear Minci ….. mauuaaahh

5. kasyah - June 20, 2008

Tatatatata…miss u alllllllll!!!!

6. malim - June 20, 2008

officially I can call u Dr. Minci? 🙂 well we always want to be together every time. but that is not the case…we have our own life.. sorang pergi another one coming…sometimes ingat dalam hati pun dah cukup

7. baez - June 20, 2008

owh true mode
i will miss everyone juga
so long farewell
sila kakmin tak invi padaku

8. ayeh - June 21, 2008

Maaf Doktor Rumah (sebagai gantian Tuan Rumah),

Video tu takleh tengok ler – not available in your country – kata dia. Apa kata Doktor Rumah embed je kat blog yang menarik ni.

Btw: Faith, is also in believing which you can’t see. But it is totally different from blind faith, which is believing in something you don’t know. There is a hadith about faith, and that the later generations of Muslims are the better believers, as they believe in Allah s.w.t. and Rasulullah s.a.w. without even meeting Rasulullah s.a.w., putting their faith in the Noble Quran and Hadith entirely. That, differentiate them between the faithful and blinf faith, wallahu’alam.

9. Minci - June 22, 2008

mmg hokeh mmg..

and im collecting from the net 😉

huhu 😦

aunty mossavi,
was watching ‘hanazakari no kimitachi e’ today and one of my fav quotes was
‘school doesnt connect you with each other. if you value the relationship, you can meet anytime, anywhere in this world’

motif sgt nk rindu walhal kitrg sumer balik ke msia

ohhhhhhhhhhhh.. not yet not yet.. blom convocation :p
call me sensei.. ha ha


sebenarnye tuh vid clip lagu ‘love song’ by sarah bareilles… you may want to check it out at Youtube

10. 1january - June 24, 2008

ahaha..kamu yg selalu invi ok..yah yah..lets keep in touch dan bereksen2 tentang kehidopan masing2..ngah2..gonna miss u guys as well..

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