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:: Disconnected June 25, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Medical School.
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As of tomorrow.

No phone line.

Hence no internet connection.

At least for the next 10 days.

The earliest you’d hear from me would probably be on the 9th of July.

With luck, perhaps before that if the hostel Im staying in Manchester has wireless broadband connection.

Till then, if you have nothing to do.. do attend my graduation ceremony online on that day. The links not up yet but its somewhere there.

Pastuh, korang pepandailah carik session Minci sampai dapat!! Muahahaha.. The little pretty one would be me 😛



1. baez nannes sajor - June 25, 2008

i’ll be coming over since ive got like nothing to do katanya
btw ill be missing u ok lmbg takde tenet kata dikau
mine pon will be disconnected in like 2 W time katanya sbb da nak balek
take care and happy bergraduasi
and im not that old (masih nannes)

2. Puteri Nad - June 25, 2008

babai kakmin
will miss u
lambang kenot spend time
will be back lg seminggu kat msia
pon akan x de talian beberapa hari dari skarang

3. malim - June 25, 2008

ha ken cari mana satu dr minci or littlehealer nih.

4. hafiz - June 25, 2008

online grad ceremony..is that mean live recording eh..

nanti bolehlah post gambar picture time grad kan 🙂

5. pokdeng - June 26, 2008

okay, i’ll find it. Make sure u wear tudung lar, so that I can easily spot you among those Malaysian students.

“Kak Minchi ya~!! Nangga sik??”

6. ayeh - June 26, 2008

Whatever happens, you take care there. And congratulations again to you and your batchmates – insyALlah, you will be a good doctor.

7. Minci - June 27, 2008

Yah.. thanks a bunch..

Yah.. miss u too..

Yah.. very easy maa..

Yah.. that was what I meant.. 😛

Motif komenan sebegitu?

Yah.. Insya-Allah..

8. maymay - June 27, 2008

10 hari???
lama wooo…

btw, tahniah!


9. mossavi - June 27, 2008

Congrats ……. definitely will miss u ….

10. tante - June 28, 2008

I will be there too..

11. You Know - June 30, 2008




12. mangoandjojoba - July 1, 2008

see u at graduation lah yer…

13. Minci - July 10, 2008

Thank you everybody..

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