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:: Going Cheshire Oak July 12, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.
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Father, Mother and I went to the largest designer shopping outlet in Cheshire Oak, Chester the other day. It boasts of over 100 shops, much larger than the one in Beicester [pronounced as Beester] Village near London. 


Guess they're trying to say 'shopping at other places are too far'

How To Get There
Cheshire Oak is easily accessible by car, train and bus but here is how the Minci Family did it. From Liverpool Lime Street.

Take the Merseyside Rail from Liverpool Lime Street to Chester. We bought the cheap day tiket (£4.20 per person without railcard). At Chester’s Railway Station, we got on the FREE bus link ride to the town itself. Next we headed towards the main bus station (The Bus Exchange) situated nearby the Tourist Information Building, just past the cathedral.

At the Bus Exchange : Use Service 1, Bus company First, Stand 3A.

According to the bus driver, its cheaper to get the Day Saver – £3.70 per person.

Minci : 3 to Cheshire Oak please
Driver : Would you like a return with that?
Minci : Yes, please.
Driver : I’ll give you a day saver then. It’s much cheaper. Can I check, are you under 16?
Minci : No Photobucket
Driver : Oh.. if you are I could have given you a family ticket. It’s the cheapest.

He issued us a Day Saver each.

The journey time is about 90 minutes including sesat time.

With hindsight, there are other routes we could have taken.

1. By Bus

The First Bus provides services from Liverpool James Street straight to Chester on a frequent basis. It will pass Cheshire Oak on its way and the cost I believe, would be cheaper than train.

2. By Train

You may buy a ticket to Ellesmere Port, Bache or anything prior to Chester. But you still have to get the First Bus Service 1 to get to Cheshire Oak.

Unfortunately, with all these routes, you’d miss the opportunity to see the town of Chester itself. which, in my opinion, is a very big and pretty town. A fusion of modern and Roman influenced buildings.

You can download the list of shops here. Stores I frequent are usually the ones that offer a petite range – Next, Gap. I adore accessories and a visit to La Senza is a must. There was a massive lingerie sale the other day. Really cute designs with prices as low as 50p each! I was tempted to buy tonnes of it but the thing about breast tissue is that they dont stay the way they are forever. The size changes with body physiology and age. Hoho.

On top of that, I bought some Thornton’s chocolate, Cabdury buttons, a Tula bag and DVDs from Zavvi. Mother bought a pair of Lotus shoes and since Dad had bought his dreamwatch at Beicester, he settled for a bag of goodies from Cadbury Factory Outlet.




1. cakapaje - July 12, 2008

Salam Minci,

Under 16? Hehe…that must have been the cream to your scrolls then. But it must be great to have the Minci family at the ceremony, eh?

2. Minci - July 13, 2008

For a brief moment, it was great 🙂

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