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:: My ranks for short-stay rooms July 12, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.
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I have been on a Nomadic Mode for the past week. FA-MA a.k.a. Father and Mother flew from Malaysia to attend my graduation ceremony and we took the opportunity to have a short trip to nearby places.

The original itinerary looked something like this.


The Itinerary for FaMa

Naturally, we were bunking at different places every 2 days or so. Excluding my own home, we have stayed in 3 different lodging facilities. Here is how they rank depending on my personal preference.


Third Place : Cumberland Hotel, Marble Arch, LONDON
Rate : Probably over £200 on nocte per room


Cumberland hotel lobby

The Good:
1. Pretty lobby (as above) and very aromatic. I was tempted to ask what scent they use
2. Complimentary buffet breakfast
3. Extra bed in room with no charge
4. Tea and coffee making facility in the room

The Bad:
1. The toilet layout was awful. Water was leaking from my showering cubicle to the floor outside. It was also difficult to soap myself. Hmm.. how do I clearly explain this.
2. Slow services. Father couldnt open his safe and had to call the receptionist a couple of times before they send a security personnel over.
3. Our magnetic card doesnt work most of the time. It kept deactivating. It doesnt help when the staff blamed it on our mobile phones. For goodness sake, the phone is in the pants pocket and the card in the breast pocket. Motif?

Second Place : Mount Pleasant Apartment, Mount Pleasant, LIVERPOOL
Rate : £90 on nocte per apartment



The Good:
1. Location. Near the city centre and main railway station.
2. All cooking (Russell & Hobbs) and eating utensils are provided together with a very huge fridge. Although it was a one-bedroom apartment, I have my very own sofa bed to sleep in. A sofa bed that can accommodate 3 midgets!! There was also Wi-Fi access. Yeay!!!
3. Toilets are great. My shower is called AquaLisa and its the type that lits up and have a start/stop button.
4. Mom cooked in the kitchen. Salmon!! 😛

The Bad:
1. Location. Unfortunately, we could also hear people enjoying the karaoke in the pub downstairs. The walls arent that soundproof either. Furthermore, the apartment was under some refurbishment, hence during the daytime we could hear the men at work.
2. Our hot water gets cut off sometimes.

First Place : Hilton Chambers, Hilton Street, MANCHESTER
Rate : £20 per person per night (we booked a private room with bathroom)



The Good:
1. Complimentary tea, coffee and toast. And our room was situated opposite the kitchen
2. They had a magnetic card system for the doors and a tiny TV in our room. For a hostel type of accommodation, this was beyond expectation!
3. Really friendly staff
4. Very very very clean room and communal area
5. I enjoyed my HOT shower tremendously!! No cut-offs, no leakage.

The Bad:
1. Wi-Fi was down with a flu. Huhu

* For a lady, one of the most important thing a toilet must have, is a bin. That is how you tell if there’s a lady living in the house *


1. cakapaje - July 13, 2008

Salam Minci,

Wow! Cumberland still exist…and so different too now! Somehow though, it was never reputed for its service, although the British can be overly polite, they sometimes are more like parrot rather than not. (Tube station attendant: ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you…repeated 1,000 times a day).

2. hafiz - July 13, 2008

that cumberland hotel looks so cool…

the conclusion from this post, the cheaper the hotel, the better it gets 🙂

3. Nur Amirah Shaharom - July 13, 2008

i love the last one. kadang2 tempat yang kecil, murah, kurang facilities lebih selesa.. so kadang2, on vacation my family selalu jugak cari chalet2 yang murah2 takde nama besar,.. gtu lah.

anyway Minci yang tomey,
slamat berjalan2… huhu.. syioknye da abeh stdy..

4. Minci - July 13, 2008

Here at our local store, we have this cashier who is over-polite. sometimes I’d purposely go pay my things at her counter just to amuse myself hearing her say ‘thank you’ many many times 😛

An accepted conclusion!! he he

hello my dear. thank you very much..
Im still studying.. just under a less formal environment..

5. mossavi - July 14, 2008

Nice place you got for your mum and dad Min …….. great!

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