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:: Boxing July 15, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

This part of my life is called.. Boxing.


5 years. One Big Box.

The living room is like the remains of a wrecked fleet. Huhu.

The shipping company wasnt much of a help but in terms of pricing, they were the most affordable. (from word of mouth). Customer relations?Hmm.. can be improved. Garang tau.



1. kasyah - July 16, 2008


ohh..tu die kotak tinggi…
puncher besar tu…

pakai kurier ape nii?

2. cakapaje - July 16, 2008

Salam Minci,

Wow! 5 years in a box? I can’t even put 1 into 1!

3. hafiz - July 16, 2008

5 years in one box…hmm, I think I may need more than that 🙂

4. mossavi - July 16, 2008

hmmm yet another coincident (or what?). Aunty pun in the midst of “boxing” ….. moving to Nilai (in fact, big furnitures moved already last week). There’s just me and Qadir left in Maluri. Yg lain dah reside in Nilai 😦

5. Minci - July 16, 2008

It seems that I bought my monitor back as well
puncher besar tuh tinggal kat miyaki

ha ha.. I was in turmoil to make sure I have only one box to bring back

I think you do

nilai? hoho.. so near

6. daju - July 16, 2008

hey, you’re leaving soon?
its been a while jgak xjenguk this blog..
one more year to go, and i think my living room will become worse than yours kot..hehh

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