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:: Fossus Fuss July 17, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.
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If you dont dress the part, people wont think much of you.

That was the impression I got as I walked through a store to buy myself a watch yesterday. I asked to see this particular watch on sale from behind the display glass.

“Point to me which one you want” in a tone almost condescending to anybody. Hello.. I’m a customer. Regardless of whether I’m an Asian or if I even looked old enough to own a watch, I do appreciate a tad bit of enthusiasm! I’m a woman now.. I wear a bra!! Muahaha~


Fossil On Sale : Got 2 hearts on the face


She took the watch from behind the display and just laid it there in front of me. Then she just stood there acting like a stone, making no comments or saleslady persuasion whatsoever to entice me into buying that piece of accessory.

Bleurgh.. benci. I should have went to store dressed up like a diva. HuHuHu.



1. cakapaje - July 17, 2008

Salam Minci,

Hmm…perhaps you should wear the bra outside? No? (Ni ado yang den keno tendang judo kang) 😉

2. mossavi - July 17, 2008

Come back to Malaysia and you’ll be treated like one 🙂

3. mossavi - July 17, 2008

I meant ….. a DIVA!

4. Nur Amirah Shaharom - July 17, 2008

Erm,.. hehehe.. saya pun kene jugak semalam. I went to the new al-ikhsan branch kat kangar ni ha (Kangar can be proud of this sign of kemajuan lah ckit).. and then, i promise i never ever step into that store again.
ade sorang salesgirl ni maybe around 20-25 year old kot. saya minta lah nak try saiz laen slain yang display tu (sbb yang display tu sangat le kecik). tetiba dia ckp “boleh try sepasang je” bcoz i wanted to try on two pairs. dua2 bkenan, so nak pilih yang mana more comfort lah. bila try yg 1st pair tu tak best, saya minta lah nak try yg 2nd pair. dia garu2 kepala dia kuat2 than said “ish..” pastu wat muka susah payah pulok.
mentang2 lah saya pakai sliper jepun je time tu 🙂

5. kasyah - July 18, 2008

well..benda ni besa la terjadi…kat mesia pun ramai.

ni sume gara2 bile budak2 mentah tu takde kebolehan/kelulusan…(ni bukan nak cakap yg gi u tu pun bagus sangat), tapi dorang nak jadi BOSS….so anggap customer macam tu…aisey….salah tu bang, jgn bodoh sombong…

igt diri tu besar sgt nak jadi boss ….mcam bagus sgt…kekadang customer tanya bebaik, bole la pulak jawab acuh tak acuh…eh, sape yg bagi duit?

kalo tgk kat kedai mamak tu, kalo bdk2 kite perli2 mamak/india(mostly from mandaras) tu..die bole senyum saja…no hard feeling…hohoho…

asal pnjg sgt kawe tulih ni? takde kena mengena la ngan fossil tu….hahaha

nok gi cari sealer..leh packing kerepek pasnie…hohoho

6. MoneyEnergy - July 18, 2008

Hi Minci,

thanks for stopping by my blog.
I wouldn’t worry too much about this salesperson, I never have a good rapport with many, either. I just don’t like to be bothered much when I go shopping – so probably for me, this experience would have been ok! It’s all pretty random, I think: you get whoever’s in the store that day. On a different day, there might be a saleslady that you would get along with. It’s one of the unnecssary evils we just have to learn to ignore and walk away from:)

Of course, being the investor that I am, I say it’s better not to shop much anyway – just invest!

7. 13may - July 18, 2008

meh balik mesia…
aku teman ko gi beli..
kalau depa tak layan ko…
aku bleh layan ko 😉

8. Minci - July 18, 2008

Panah ngan petir terus.. zasssss 😛

Aunty Mossavi,
yeehaaa.. nice nice

Once I had this salesgirl who memang ikut me wherever I go. Every baju I bukak lipatan, dia terus lipat balik. omg.. tension. rasa nk kibar2 je sumer baju tuh.. biar dia seksa

haish.. tk baik betul make fun of org

Money energy,
thnks for stopping by. investing is definitely something Im looking into in the future

lain mcm je kau nih.. tak nak aku

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