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:: Sexual harassment July 20, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life, Just For Fun.

Even mannikins suffer from sexual harassment.


Leave the mannikin alone!!



1. iris - July 20, 2008

im the first one to reply ka? hihih.

dah habis belajar dah minci ni.. tahniah.

2. kakfiza yg sayu - July 20, 2008

isk3..berdosa tau

nway, selamat jalan kamen
i missed u already, eventhough u r just next door
trying ur bes to sleep
which is in a couple of hours..u r gonna gone
towards ur new life
jgn lupekan kami ye!

3. mossavi - July 21, 2008

ish, ish, ish, mannequinn pun kena serang? Sick or what? hehe

4. 13may - July 21, 2008

tergugat kejap 😀

5. Minci - July 22, 2008

ohhh.. blom habis belajar. medicine is lifetime of learning.. he he..thanks

yah yah.. I need therapy

very sick

motif ko pun nk tergugat..

6. iris - July 22, 2008

ya..learning curves never ends.

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