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:: Rezeki Baker’s Cottage July 23, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Food and Drinks.
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The joy of having a sister who works at Baker’s Cottage as a supervisor in training is that she’ll bring home leftovers from the bakery.

Tonights selection include;

  • cheese chicken roll sandwich
  • tuna sandwich
  • egg mayo sandwich
  • paper cup (shouldnt it be cup cake?)
  • blueberry crumbled cake
  • chocolate doughnuts
  • Mexico bun (which is actually a cheaper version of Roti Boy) 
  • black pepper chicken puff
  • egg tart
  • croissants

EE.. makan je. Naik 4 kg!!!!!


Alhamdulilah masih boleh berjalan.. huhu


1. cakapaje - July 23, 2008

Salam Minci,

You are the doctor, aren’t you? Susah susah, kalau dah takleh jalan, potong je kaki tu! Oops, silap! I mean cholestrol tu 😉

2. maymay - July 24, 2008

waaa….save budget betol la camni 😀

3. mossavi - July 24, 2008

Nak jugak!! Especially all the sandwiches ……. buurrrppp ….. alhamdulilah

4. pluginbaby - July 24, 2008

akk min.. nanti dh smpai malaysia n ade hp, sms dhil ek.. 012*******.. dh sms plz edit number ni ek.. haha

5. sam lim - July 25, 2008

i think this is a good food…kena cuba

6. Minci - July 26, 2008

I try with ur toes first..can?

Save lah jugak.. tapi lama2 muak 😛

tk sedaplah aunty.. i think home made oons are way tastier

Noted. 🙂

Sam Lim,
very very good food

7. pluginbaby - July 26, 2008

hey.. dh edit.. tp i didnt get ur sms yet.. hehe

8. 1january - July 26, 2008

eh..cm kasot aku je sebelah tu..katne ni..kamen..jgn gemok2..

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