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:: Me, the little terror July 26, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.
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I was held at the airports security checkpoint the other day – for possession of an item that has an excessively high voltage reading.



I was to board the morning BMI flight from Manchester to London Heathrow and then take the MAS flight to Malaysia. It was at Manchester Airport where all the drama happens.

I laid my hand luggage and laptop bag on the rollers of the scanner machine, walked through the security gate and waited for my things to come through at the other end. I had a gut feeling that something is bound to get wrong because the alarm did not went off on me. Truly enough, few seconds later, I overheard this conversation.

Lady : (in a hush hush tone, pointing towards an item on the screen to another personnel)   
           What.. is this?
Man  : (looked closely, also in a soft voice) It’s just a stethoscope

Their fingers ran through the whole screen pointing to every bit of item that looked suspicious. In the meantime, I was sifting through my mental checklist of the things I should have checked in but kept out for some silly reason. Razors? In my check-in bag. Tweezers? Dont have any. Moments later..

Man  : Madam.. I need to check this bag. Could you please come with me?

I followed suit and was then instructed to unzip and open all possible pockets of my laptop bag. Yah.. the culprit was in my laptop bag. Then was told to keep my hands away from the bag. He took out my things one by one – the blanket I used to wrap Badsyah in considering that I havent got a proper laptop bag yet, my Quran, webcam, Badsyah’s charger, contact lense case, purse, a thick bundle of cash (my British pounds from closing my account with Natwest) and OMGGGGGGGGG.. the alleged high voltage item!

It was my Olympus FE 310 digital camera. Drama tau.

Man  : Madam, if you could stay put, I need to grab this and have it checked. It wont take a second.

During this time, I had no idea why my camera was stirring trouble. It was only later that I learned it emitted this high voltage thing (But it was switched off!!) Is it like some sort of background voltage or what? Enlighten me..

Anyhow, they just had to do some documentations there and then. I wasnt brought into an isolated room or anything. Nor was I in handcuffs or had to raise my arms in the air. I was not manhandled to the ground and was not subjected to any form of humiliating full body search. Thank god. Everything was settled in a calm and respectful manner.  If it hadnt, it wouldnt just be another drama, it’ll be a box office! 😛



1. 1january - July 26, 2008

oi..nak bomkan manchester epot pakai kamera ke..awak ni engineer yg bernas la..

2. Que - July 26, 2008

aku pernah sekali masa first year nak ke Spain naik easyjet (tahun 2003, so not long after 9/11) dr Bristol. Beg sandang kene tahan, pastu pelik ape la yg ade dlm beg tu, ku sangka payung yg kecik leh patah2 tu.

Until the security officer found a very hidden pocket, aku tersentap “Ya Allah, aku simpan dissection kit dlm tu”. Merah muka aku sambil semua org tengok die bukak kit tu dan menyusun satu2 the tweesers, gunting, pisau etc (ade lah 7 items kot)… aku cemas, security tu pon muka gelabah. Pastu bile aku cakap tu pisau aku potong mayat, aku medical student, muka die terus pucat ok.

Last2 diorang rampas, tapi nasib aku tak kene tahan. Menakutkan, tapi kelakar tgk muka org tu pegang pisau berbekaskan air badan mayat huhuhu

3. Minci - July 27, 2008

hebat nyer lah aku.. men’device’ agen peletusan sedemikian rupa. Ha ha ha.

OMG.. a very hidden pocket with all the right kit to slaughter mankind? Padanlah mereka gusar..hehe

4. mossavi - July 27, 2008

Box office eh? ….. count me in …. airport security pun jadi lah …

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