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:: The Msian Job July 27, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

Desperation may lead one to settle for less.


Thieves stole the drain cover in front of my house. Of all the gold and treasures of the world, they decided that the drain covers make more money. Wadahek..

This also goes to show that;

  • Crime can happen anytime, anywhere and of any nature.
  • They dont care what other people think. In this case, they dont care what the metal scrapers think when they bring in that piece of junk. And this goes back to the metal srapers, takkanlah tak perasan tuh benda curi.
  • Other people’s safety is none of their concern. OMG.. I just hope I dont fall in it one day. In the dark.

Seriously, when this happens.. who do the public report to?


1. cakapaje - July 27, 2008

Salam Minci,

If that’s not a rhetorical question, then you should report it to MPSJ, the local council. You can do it either by call or letter. Should you choose the latter, then cc it to the assemblyman there, who I think is Hanna Yeoh.

But this is an ever persistent problem here. Blame is being put onto the addicts, but are they solely responsible or have some people – desperate, as you mentioned – part of the problem, namely, metal yard operators.

With the spiraling inflation, do expect a higher crime rate, if its not there already. Keep a Swiss Army knife in your purse as a defensive item, and always check your rear for suspicious characters who may be tailing you. I may sound like an alarmist, but better that than being sorry later.

2. Que - July 27, 2008

my uncle broke his foot sbb terjatuh masuk lobang akibat cover camtu dicuri org, so be careful especially bila malam2 ;P

3. 1january - July 27, 2008

alahai..biasa la tuh beb..ruma aku, kerawang pintu gate pon die cilok..tgk2 dah tade bunge kerawang kan pagar ruma aku..hamboih..besa kepala nampak?nta cmne die cabot..gergaji ke ape..

4. mossavi - July 27, 2008

Careful Min …..

5. Minci - July 28, 2008

Oh begitu..thank you

Dahlah lubang tuh dalam.. kalo aku jatuh..gerenti satu badan polos.. ha ha

gigihnya pencuri tuh ambik kerawang gate kau yer.. kiranya masa aku gi rumah kau hri tuh. mmg dah tkderlah eh? he he

Aunty Mossavi,

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