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:: Tudung Mushroom July 28, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Uncategorized.
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The chemo-cap tudung or tudung mushroom (as my sister likes to call it – because our faces look like little mushrooms when wearing it) seems to be very house officer friendly.



House officer friendly because;

  1. Putting it on doesnt require much effort. Just sarung and pin the 2 bits of selendang together. And I still look presentable and not masam.
  2. The stethoscopes earpiece fits nicely at the side without having to first angkat your tudung, selit the hearing piece underneath and adjust accordingly. And I still look presentable and not masam.
  3. If I’m on-call and have to wear my glasses for comfort, the frames do not destroy that pin-point structure of my tudung at all.And I still look presentable and not masam. 

The possible disadvantage would be;

  1. For those who tak biasa tengok this fashion, will think that I dress to impress. Hello, convenience hokeh..
  2. Transparent material. So, better choose good colours or wear extra neck cuff underneath. Like one of those thyroid protectors when going for an Xray.
  3. Doesnt cover the chest fully. Tapi aku dada tiarap. Hoho. I’ll be wearing that nuisance lab coat anyway, so should be alright.


1. cakapaje - July 28, 2008

Salam Minci,

The one on the right looks better as it covers all your aurah.

2. Minci - July 28, 2008

It’s the same tudung. It shows how to wear it.

3. maymay - July 28, 2008

Ooo…ada plak nama tudung gini eks…

thanks for sharing..
nanti bleh aku cari idea buat entri 🙂

4. cakapaje - July 28, 2008


Yes, I know it is, but still, the one on the right looks much better…well, to me as a man that is. You ask me to wear tanjak I know lah, but tudung…I might tie it at my mouth 😉

5. hafiz - July 28, 2008

tak pernah nampak tudung fesyen ni lagi…

6. mossavi - July 28, 2008

U’ll look great Min, and its practical especially when we need to move around a lot in executing our daily tasks and assignments ….. aunty pun macam tu ….

7. Nur Amirah Shaharom - July 28, 2008

nak tengok sket cmne minci bile dah pakai tdung cendawan ni..

8. Que - July 29, 2008

ooo bole bukak katip leher cenggitu, sgt moden
bile pakai cover leher tu nanti, jd la fesyen Bienda, bukan ke?
(pastu boleh sangkut anting2 besar gedabak kat cuping telinga LOL)

9. Minci - July 29, 2008

Buatlah entry.. pasti mendapat byk respon.. ha ha ha

kembalilah ke Msia. Nampaklah merata2 🙂

Praktikal kan?

wahahaha.. nantilah yer

oh yea.. bila weekend je aku sangkut bling2 kt tinga. boleh berkawn dgn masyarakat Penan .. 🙂

10. billy - July 29, 2008


11. 1january - July 31, 2008

helo..u always look not presentable and masam, watever u do..so, tayah la effort kuat2 sgt..ngahngah..

loh…kan da ckp itu adelah penunjukan cara2 memakainye..kiri tuh belom siap..eish..x paham..

12. Minci - August 1, 2008


Jet yg lagi masam,
heyyy.. sometimes I look so berseri eventhough I tak mandi lagi hokeh.. trick dia jgn berpeluhlah.. muahahahaha

13. kakfiza - August 1, 2008

erk..tak setuju!! kamen always look masam, even dah mandi. hahaha!!

14. Minci - August 1, 2008

hey uuuuuuuuuu.. miahahaha
jahat tau..
apakah kau lupa bahawa kau pernah berkata suatu masa dahulu,”lah.. ingatkan kamen dah mandi”


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