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:: First cases July 29, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

My first patients were my brothers. And when its a family member or someone beloved in ailment, doctors can overreact. Which is why ethically;

  • Treating a family member officially is not encouraged. Dispensing advice is alright but to be involved in their medical care as a practitioner is deemed to be bias.
  • In fact, almost like haram.. to have a romantic relationship with your patients. So ahemm.. if you spot a dashing patient and would like to have that chance to pursue, get your friends to become his attending doctor. Ha ha ha.  

So, I overreacted with Bro M and Bro D.

Bro M had a nose bleed (epistaxis). Ever been in a situation where you as a patient get ticked off by your attending doctor. Well, I did just that to my brother. I couldnt help it. Bila darah dah memercik kat dinding, baru mintak tolong. Ayoooo..

Bro M : Somebody help me…

When I peered into the bathroom, there he was soaked in blood. I told him to give the tip of his nose a squeeze and got some ice. I refrained him from doing any movement that could cause the blood to trickle back to his throat. A squeeze and ice. Dah. Then I proceeded to washing his T-shirt off the blood. At the same time, bebeling with success up to the point he apologized. Miahahaha.. kakak jahat nih. yelah.. kakak sinsing kain sumer sental baju malam2, jemur kat luar.

Bro D on the other hand succumbed to a high temperature for over a week. And he didnt say anything. It’s quite hard to tell if there was anything wrong with him in the first place anyway, since he’s that really really quiet and smooth type. He attended school like there was no problem! He was slow but he’s always been the type who drags his feet and look lemah. He’s a genius in the head and obedient though.

It was only one morning when he couldnt get up that he told us that he’s been ill for quite some time. Prior to that, he didnt even ask for paracetamol! So, I drilled him. Merasalah.. das bebelan tak berenti.

Early instructions : Paracetamol, tepid sponging, lots of water, finish his food, no sports, REST! A temperature above 38 celcius would warrant the use of additional ibuprofen. paracetamol doesnt work when body temperature gets too high.

Mum didnt want him to go to the clinic because she thought antibiotics are evil. in the end, Bro D did go and is now on a 5 day antibiotic regime. Antibiotics are evil if;

  1. You have an allergic reaction
  2. You dont finish the regiment because then the bugs would be resistant to treatment and become Stronger like Britney. Heh 😛

I didnt go to the clinic with Bro D but apparently the doctor had told him to get a blood test. For what.. I have no idea. There are thousands of blood test one could do. Tulislah list kan. Menghampakan. Malaysia is not like England who has the NHS – where patients dont have to worry about cost when going for treatment. Here, we have to ask patients if they could pay for a Troponin-T blood test before carrying it out. And Troponin-T is a good indicator of heart damage in a heart attack!. My best guess is that he wants to rule out dengue fever. Also check for infection. So, I’d have to go to the Path Lab and tick the boxes on my own and order a dengue workup.



1. cakapaje - July 29, 2008

Salam Dr Minci,

Foremost, I’m sorry to note about Bro D and M, and their poor sister of a doctor who had toiled through – what I perceive – an emergency outpatient treatment room. Now…

Lol! Sorry, can’t help laughing here. If you had not notice it much before, then…Welcome to Malaysia Health Services! In many ways, its still better than the US in terms of costs. In another, its worst since many are not covered by insurance of whatsoever.

2. mossavi - July 29, 2008

Value Added Service ……. charity begins at home 🙂 nanti Aunty nak buat my annual medical check-up dgn Min lah.

3. kakfiza - July 29, 2008

erk..suda sehat kah mereka mereka?

4. Minci - July 29, 2008

oh.. i think its more like poor them.. dahlah sakit.. kena endure high pitch audio torture too

wahahaha.. Im garanglah aunty. 😛

Bro M sudah ok. Bro D masih ada saki baki kesakitan

5. mossavi - July 30, 2008

Hehe “garang people think alike” kalau Min garang, I think I am the garang-est among us. Tu sebab BF lari pecut miaahaahaahaa

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