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:: First steps August 7, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

It’s taking that very first step is always the hardest.

Im terribly anxious to select the top 3 places I intend to pursue my housemanship training in. The feeling is no where near like when I started my medical training – excited, syiokkk. Now, it’s like butterflies in the stomach, heavy hands, lemah. Adding on fear and nervousness, WORK doesnt sound so good at the moment.


And already I’ve got Mother’s friends pestering me to do part time in one of the clinics. Ello makcik2.. jangan masuk campur boleh? I baru balik ke sini. Nanti bila I dah start keje, sibuk suruh I cuti.

Yes, the first step is always the hardest. I put this anxiety down to these reasons;

  1. The places I had in mind are far. Really far. The choice made for personal reasons. New places calls for active adjustments.
  2. Unlike departing for Manchester WITH familiar friends, Im making the journey alone. Im setting up my life in these places alone. SOLO. Unless the new buddies I manage to hook up with during the induction course are going to the same places. He he. (It’s STF all over again!!)
  3. FIRST MEDICAL JOB!! Arghhh..bottom of the food chain!! Great.. 😦 and I havent studied enough. HUhu. (well..sampai bila pun takkan cukup punya)
  4. Whatever the course of my life afterwards, starts from this point in time.

Wish me luck.


1. FaruqY - August 7, 2008

Why, pray tell, would you want to be posted some place far, far away from your family members? Is it because you want to be able to live independent of your family? Dekat sangat pun tak best ek? Freedom terbatas sikit.

Maybe a hospital at one of the states neighbouring Selangor would be great?

2. Minci - August 7, 2008

Oh.. Jiwa mmg nomadic skit..not so much sbb nk jauh dari family or things like that.. (or izzit? hehehe)
Actually.. the other 2 choices are at states ouside selangor..
the ‘very far’ tuh saja nak exaggerate..

3. Minci - August 7, 2008

oh.. in responding to ur previous questions..
I recognise geraldines name but not rasyikah..

hahahaha… entry tersebut wajar di pasword protect weyyyyyy..
bahaya bahayaaaaaaa..

4. FaruqY - August 7, 2008

ahaha protect dari siapa? tuan empunya badan yang dimention dah baca dah pun. haha. thanks. kembang sekejap hidung yang mmg besar ini. haha

5. Minci - August 7, 2008

oh.. nak protect dari tuan punya badan mmg tk leh dah.. nih protect daripada colleagues yg mungkin akan bloghop jugak..

ah yer..toksah nk kembang lagi. tkder perasaan sudah. miahahaha..

6. FaruqY - August 7, 2008

kembang sebab your kind words la. haha. orang ni anak nak masuk dua dah pun. haha

7. mossavi - August 7, 2008

Dont go to far away Min ……..

8. nanad@melaka - August 7, 2008

kakmin take note of auntie m’s advice..harharhar

i enjoy!: :p

9. Minci - August 7, 2008

ur welcome (ceh!). moga bertambah anak2 lagi

oh.. selagi dlm msia..tkderlah jauh sgt

yes my dear 🙂

10. 1january - August 12, 2008

hei..i left a komenan semalam..awat tak kua..tros menanes kuikuikui..neway, tade dalam otak nak apply joho ke?hehe..

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