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:: All my bags are packed August 12, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

All my bags are packed
And Im ready to go
Im standing here inside my house
Im heading south to Muar to have some fun..

My parents say I got it  Nek Jemah, my great-grandmother  – the ‘it’ being the habit of packing my bags early. Well well.. I may get my bag out early (belek2 zip, tunggang-terbalikkan) but nak masuk baju dalam beg tuh last minute.com jugak. Ha ha. Somebody help me pack.

Im rather excited on going for this trip because;

  • My best buddy’s getting married. And this is the first ever Malay wedding I’ve ever been to that takes place at the house. I want to see how that ‘tol’ thing is, the nikah ceremony. I want to see her domestic pets. I want to see everything. Wowwee.. 
  • I’ve never set foot at Muar itself. Kulai pernah. JB pernah. Next stop, Terengganu? Sis Ninci.. bring meeeee..
  • I get to see Alya – my best friends niece. The cutie pie.
  • I’ll also get to see my other STF friends at the wedding. huwarghh.. feeling haka!!

Ayo.. what to pack. I donno what to bring.. huhu

Mimie, wedding pressie I bring masa majlis sebelah Ipe eh? Hihihi..


1. FaruqY - August 12, 2008

so selain dari pi wedding your best friend, buat apa lagi kat sana?

2. mossavi - August 12, 2008

Tudung mushroom yang berenda-renda?? 8)
How long you gonna be away Min? Have fun you hear me 🙂

3. maymay - August 12, 2008

kenang daku dalam doamu 🙂

4. 1january - August 12, 2008

hoh..peking dah..wei..aku nak meeting dgn ko ni..ahah..pasal muar la..kenot dtg earlier sbb adek ipar abang aku kawen on 16..nnt nak bincang2 petang dgn ko..

dpt no fon aku x?

5. Minci - August 12, 2008

oh.. menyibuk je lah kat rumah pengantin. tgk ayam makan.. ha ha

ohh..that I save for the other majlis.. miahaha.. bikin cun kononnya

dan juga umat muslimin muslimat yang lain

dapat.. akan ku abadikan dlm memory card fon aku.. he he

6. pokdeng - August 13, 2008

Well, welkam to malaya. Terengganu definitely needs more doctors. Oh ya, that ‘tol’ thing i think la…only in johor.

7. Minci - August 13, 2008

well.. im not goin to tganu to serve.. i’ll be going there just for cuti2
yah.. the ‘tol’ thing is only in johor. which is why im so excited

8. daju - August 13, 2008

thought the ‘tol’ thing from melaka..no mehh?

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