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:: Unexpected August 20, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

Ibarat musang berbulu ayam
-Karam Singh Walia, TV3-

After watching the short news report about stealing water resources by Karam Singh Walia (yeahh, my man!), the Fantastic Four went loafing at a nearby shopping complex- Minci, Ninci, Bro D and Bro M.

Nak dijadikan cerita..

Ninci wanted to get a new top at one of the shops. So we told the brothers to stay put at one of the other stores until we come back since none of them brought along their mobile phones. Once Ninci and I were done, we went back to the spot and found that they were not there. Trying very hard not to panic considering that they’re already in their teens, we kept on a positive thought that they’re probably nearby browsing/purchasing their video game CDs.

Time passed and they still havent returned. So, Ninci decided to search for them at the upper floor.

Ninci : They’re not upstairs.
Minci : Huh? Aiyoo.. Dahlah they dun bring their phones. Are you sure you looked everywhere?
Ninci : Yes.. every single shop that sells those game stuff.

Both of us merengus macam singa betina. Ready to give the boys a hearing once they showed their face.

We finally saw them and was ready to give them a bombshell of leteran yang tak henti2 when something in Bro D’s hands caught our attention. Immediately our hearts softened. Tak jadi nak marah.

In Bro D’s hand was a plastic bag from Popular. I could sense that Ninci had the same thoughts racing in her mind. ‘They went to Popular? They bought books? No wonder we couldnt find them. We never thought to search for them there..’

Peeking into the bag,
Minci : What did you buy?
Bro D : Buku rujukan. MPH didnt have them.
Minci : Oh? Seriously? (matilah seprais berlipat kali ganda) How many did you buy?
Bro D : 3
Minci : How much all together?
Bro D : Ermm.. 40 something (omg omg.. my most kumut sibling is finally forking out his well-saved money to buy books!)
Minci : Oh.. this must be about the laptop..

Bro D smiled. Ha ha. I knew it! I knew it!

Some time ago, I promised Bro D that I’ll buy him a brand new laptop if his SPM grades (2009) are better than mine. Seeing how enthusiastic he is in his studies at the moment, I guess I’d better start saving on that laptop now!!



1. pokdeng - August 20, 2008

yeah i have to admit it’s hard for us guys to buy books.

2. FaruqY - August 20, 2008

whoa susah la nak top you results. do you think your bro is up to it? hehe

3. 1january - August 20, 2008

eish kamen ni..top than urs ke..i smpi mati x dapat laptop la cmni..turun la sket offer tuh, sama seperti kakak..hehe..

xde..kne bebel gak dolu..lembot ati sgt la korg neh..ececee..

4. Minci - August 20, 2008

Ha ha.. I figured.

well.. he nearly broke my record for his PMR last year. He he. So I guess if he studied extra hard next year, he might just be able to surpass me.

alaaaaaaaa.. kau dah ada laptop kau… he he he
ah yer. hati kitrg mmg lembut macam kulit baby.. 😛

5. mossavi - August 21, 2008

I told you before Min, you’re one special lady!! Mcm mana aunty tak bertambah sayang? hehe…Regardless whether you merengus mcm singa or membebel …. I trust yr siblings are in good hands when they are with you 🙂 auntily hugz (mcm motherly hugz jugak la hehe) 🙂

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