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:: Wedding 170808 August 20, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Love and Relationship.
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Lyrics of People Take Pictures of Each Other
The Kinks
People take pictures of the Summer,
Just in case someone thought they had missed it,
And to proved that it really existed
The Preparation

Fathers take pictures of the mothers,
And the sisters take pictures of brothers,
Just to show that they love one another

Malam NIkah



You can’t picture love that you took from me,
When we were young and the world was free.
Pictures of things as they used to be,
Don’t show me no more, please.

Little Angels 🙂



People take pictures of each other,
Just to prove that they really existed,
Just to prove that they really existed

Mimie (bride), MJ, Minci


People take pictures of each other,
And the moment to last them for ever,
Of the time when they mattered to someone.



1. Que - August 20, 2008

tahniah mimie… semoga kekal ke anak cucu!… ur baju very nice

2. kak fiza - August 21, 2008

nape gamba sume goyang2?
tremor ke?

3. mossavi - August 21, 2008

Congratulations Mimie …. suka ‘nengok’ (Johorean slang for tengok hehehe) Min pakai tudung mushroom phewwiittt 🙂
And the little angles ya allah tomel-tomel nyer!!!!!!
Min when you get married nanti, aunty nak contribute tenaga jugak lah – nak tolong pakaikan inai miaahaahaahaa aunty pun boleh tumpang sekaki 🙂

4. Minci - August 21, 2008

Dia santek sgt masa tuh.. santek sgt.. I particularly love her busana masa malam nikah and loved her crown masa zanji the nxt day..
Mmg pemaisuri sehari lah.. 🙂

Kak Fiza,
itulah pasal ok. msa tgk dlm camera nampak ok. sekali bila transfer ke laptop jadi lain plak. kechiwa I.. huhu
I have ‘capture tremor’

wahahahaha…yezza… tudung mushroom 😛

5. Que - August 21, 2008

mimie mmg nampak pesona nye mcm permaisuri agung …. seriesly terserlah..

6. pokdeng - August 21, 2008

where’s the ‘tol’ thing?

7. Minci - August 21, 2008

I second that..

Camera buat prangai plak masa tol2 tuh.. huhuhu

8. pluginbaby - August 22, 2008

kak min.. nnt sms me k.. i lost ur number.. huhu.. ive sent ma phone for repair then phone memory sume ilang.. plz k.. thanks

9. pokdin - August 22, 2008

manakah hubby nyer?

10. Minci - August 23, 2008

yah.. hokeh

hubby nyer ada in one of the pic..

11. Mossavio - September 16, 2008

tak kasi password pun..

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