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:: OMG moments August 25, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

I think I could go a few more rounds as a pengapit in the future. On the condition that I dont have to prepare a wedding toast and the other pengapit is somebody I enjoy working with. Better still, someone I’m familiar with. And for this occasion it was both.

There were a few OMG moments that night.

I felt that my wedding toast that night was crappy. Honestly, I have forgotten a few paragraphs but my heart was already pounding like mad draining blood from my peripheries that to fake a pause (that thing u do before u cry) was not possible. Adding on to that were intense stares from strangers. It’s like that Casper moment when ghost are being crossed over by lights. Orang Melayu kata pandangan yang menusuk jiwa. Only this time its menyakitkan jiwa adalah. OMG.. please dont stare. Muka I panas.

Another OMG moment was when we had to mengiring the couple from behind and ta-da the spotlight came on. The first thought that came to mind was ‘ALahhhhhhhhh.. tak pakai kain dalam!!! Why? Why?’ Damn.. I had to walk with my legs a bit closer to each other causing me to lose a bit of balance at times and langgar Fizzy. Sorry lah hoh.. huhu but better a bump than seeing myself terpelecok kat karpet!!

Not all OMG moments were devastating. I did get to meet a Sarawakian friend who had a baby last year having gone through quite a complicated pregnancy. OMG.. her child is so adorable. So cute. and she’s got a very pretty name. Azalea. The name of a flower which to the Chinese is a symbol of womanhood. If given as a gift, it also means ‘take care of yourself for me’.

Towards the end of the night, one pakcik said something like, ‘when guys get into their 30s and is still single, there’ll be looking for a perfect match from top to toe’ . At the time, I felt like adding that it’s the same for the girls. Ha ha. Strangely enough, these guys find ladies in their 20s as perfect. So assuming I am pursued by guys in that age group, will that make me perfect? 😛

20s is a good age for girls to marry. At least thats what I think. Cause the older you get, regardless of how pretty or successful you are in your job, and you’re still not attached.. people are going to wonder why and make speculations. Like this particular aunty I know. People think she’s still heartbroken over her r’ship that failed many many years ago. And everytime balik kampung, her story will be repeated to other people. It’s like ‘hello.. give her a break’. That guy probably is not her main concern anymore. And she’s just diverting her love and time to other causes – like her nieces she’s caring for.

In fact mid-20s is a good age to marry. Marry too early, you risk feeling that you havent enjoyed life to an accepted best. Marry too late, you cant enjoy each other for at least a year because you were rushing to have kids before risking having your eggs contaminated with time and have abnormal offsprings.

But this is just me. As to what I think today. At this hour. Ha ha




1. hafiz - August 25, 2008

If I were to talk in public, I would be extremely nervous and cautious of every words that I say.

Mid 20s is also good for male too 🙂

2. FaruqY - August 26, 2008

so.. when are YOU walking down the aisle? hehe kamu bukan dah mid-20s ke sekarang ni? hehe

btw your dad bawak I makan mi kolok semalam.. sedap!

3. Minci 先生 - August 26, 2008

haha.. guess it’s something that some of us experience.. the buterflies, the dragonflies.. he he 😛

Yada yada yada *tutup tinga dan meraung suro berenti* ha ha ha
oh.. mi kolok mmg sedap.. ada bawak balik untuk anak isteri tak? hehe.. dulu my dad pernah bwk from kuching and I was like ‘what? lepas ke naik flight?’ he he..
nanti boleh try mee sapi, laksa srwk, bubur pedas..

4. mossavi - August 27, 2008

Min, no matter what the age, just be your true self. Jangan tipu sana sini. Age is wisdom (supposedly) though ada golongan muda yg lebih matang dari golongan veterans 🙂 hugz
Masa aunty di Kuching dulu, dpt gak rasa mi kolok hehehe when u gonna cook for me your specialty pretty lady?

5. Minci 先生 - August 27, 2008

*sorok dlm gua*

tak reti masakkkkkkkk

6. mangoandjojoba - August 28, 2008

Gosh!! I missed the wedding.. n of course your toast!. Azalea? baby awanis?? wanna meet her so much!!!! So cik min, need a pengapit for your big day?? hahaha let me know k coz i’m still available nih!

7. kasyah - August 29, 2008

so i need to wait around 5-10 years yet…hehehe or when my saving reach 100k…whichever yg dulu….ohhh

where is jet…j.co ni lg best dr dunkin donut…hihihi…sankyu2…next time bole lagi ye…:P and main pusing2 dlm bangunan

8. Minci 先生 - August 29, 2008

takyah ah nk dgr toast aku tuh. but the cutting cake ceremony is so sweeeeeeeetttt.. pengapit? hoh.. boleh.. jika kasihku berpanjangan.. my service is available too..

jet tgh babysit. mesej ah dia ckp JCo sedap.. yah.. pusing2 bangunan, turun naik tangga, redah hujan..

9. Mossavio - September 16, 2008

At what age pun kita kawin ( ‘kita’ is not as in ‘me and you’), you’ll find that there are always a cause to fight. Marriage is when you are officially selected as your spouse’s sparring partner.

10. mossavi - September 16, 2008

“Mossavio” (???!!)
Sparring partner is fine but must there be lies, betrayals and deceits?
“A cause to fight” – justify the causes – causes yang sengaja dicari? Or causes dlm bentuk ujian & dugaan Allah?
Anyway, with due respect, everyone has the right and say to their views – yours included 🙂 cheers

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