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:: Babysitting August 26, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.
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It’s been a while since I babysit. There was once when I was 12 and had to take care of Bro M who was still a baby. As of any baby, he did his number two and guess who had to clean him up? Me!!!!! So he was wallowing like mad and I did my best calming him down. Berzikir (cewah, ustazah pliss), mendodoi (the song I learnt in music class) and smooth talking (sayang here and there). I swear that I could hear my neighbour at the house behind us mimicking me. I cakap ‘Sayang, sayang’.. he also said ‘sayang, sayang’. Sepak can?

And today, apart from babysitting my two dinosaurs (Bro D & Bro M), I have a younger lady in my care of whom I shall call Awan.

Awan is an adorable and pretty 10 year old. Who likes to ask questions like,

“Kalau nak milo sedap, letak berapa sudu?”
“Akak umur berapa tahun?”
“Kenapa ayah mertua Tanggang tak suka dia?”

Her parents came over to our house last night and asked if we could just keep an eye on her after school for a while since there was a bit of a problem at home. The word they used was ‘dera’. She was abused by their maid.

Apparently Awan and her baby brother have fallen victim to this maid for quite a long time. Awan, since she was 4 years old and the brother (who is now just less than 2 years) probably since infancy. She was hit, pinched and could’ve been subjected to verbal abuse for that long period of time. And all this unknown to the parents! It was only recently that the mother overheard the maids threat to her daughter. Imagine the torture the child have been going through before. Scared to her wits every single day! But not having enough courage to tell her parents about it. Haish.. kesian. I really hate it when children are treated badly. Children should not have bad childhood. Children should be happy and allowed to dream in becoming who they want. Children should not be subjected to unnecessary pain too early in life. Children should feel whole and loved.  Happy children grows up to be well-functional adults. More people should watch Naruto. Villains become who they are because of a bad childhood. 😛





1. kasyah - August 29, 2008

ohh..so this is awan.

if i have jensen ames’s car , i will langgar bersepai maid die tu…kejam sadis gilos…wth buat baby/children camtu…

takpe, pakai topeng frank bukan org tau…

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