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:: Realize August 27, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Love and Relationship, Ponderings.
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There are times when reality just sinks in and I find that I actually know what I want. But am I brave enough to chase after it? Acknowledging the dream. Or just like anything else, let it fly away like a butterfly and hope it’ll come back to me later in life? Unless the butterfly dies. Ha ha ha. In the meantime pretending that it means nothing. Just a short-lived kind of thing…

Although its the first thing that came to mind in the morning and the last thing you thought about before you sleep.


1. maymay - August 27, 2008

kamu jatuh hati ker???

*wink wink*

2. mossavi - August 27, 2008

“….. thr first thing that came to mind in the mornings … and the last before going to sleep …” – OUCH! Luka lama – Bleeding Love – nak plaster yg ada antiseptic Dr Minci, ada tak?

3. Minci 先生 - August 27, 2008

Obviously tak terjatuh kat kau..
nih tgh gantung kat sling bag je nih.. nk kasik tk jatuh byk sgt..

oh.. aunty.. lemme do heart surgery on you.. ha ha ha
then u can be Frankie’s bride 😛

4. kasyah - August 29, 2008

i thought da same thin’s so…what??

5. Minci 先生 - August 29, 2008

eyy.. motif sangat..

6. socratesoul - September 8, 2008

beautiful song. I can definitely relate. I was in the same place as you… until about 3 days ago when i finally decided to just let him know. and it didn’t quite turn out like that video but it was still the best feeling in the world to release that unspoken love. and maybe one day it/he will come back to me. maybe not. but i figure it’s more likely to happen if he knows how i feel.

anyway, sorry for writing so much, you don’t even know me, but i just thought i’d share.

“In love it is better to know and be disappointed than to not know and always wonder.” ~unknown~

(also might want to listen to “Say” by John Mayer…)

7. Minci 先生 - September 8, 2008

It’s alright. Thank u for sharing your experience 🙂
Emm.. as for now, Im still wondering.. ha ha

John Mayer.. love him. I’ll have a listen

The LInk: Say by John Mayer

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