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:: Kenal dan Cinta August 29, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Downloads, Everyday Life, Wasaii Studio.
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Tak kenal maka tak cinta

Kerana diriku memilih untuk mencintai, wajarlah budinya ku kenali

Yakni..  Tanah airku Malaysia.

I’m still in the state of a reversed culture shock upon returning from the UK. A recognized syndrome/state of mind most international students have when they return to their home countries after studying abroad. Betull.. I read about it online -in one of these leaflets that tells overseas students what to do before they leave and what they should prepare themselves for, once they reach homeland.

There’s still a lot I have to get used to.  The manners of living as a family member as opposed to sharing your life with friends. I realized big time that I never seem to have girl-friends near where I live. It’s been like that since secondary school – my friends have always been from other states. Johor mostly. Sebab wanita Johor baik2 ker? Ha ha. Or maybe I couldnt really follow the trendiness and modern ways of the great and outgoing ladies from KL & Sgor. Hu hu. *nanes dlm selimut polka*


My Security Blanket from Toyols..


I have to learn to get to know my way around, the lovely people, the evolving Msian culture! I dont even know where to shop for my jeans! You know those petite range, the type where I dont have to cut the ends.

I dont know my way around in KL at all ! Monorail and RapidKL is not the same meh? Where is Times Square? What on earth is the Pavillion? Do we have a Coloseum? How about a Babylon?

Forget KL, I dont even know my way around in Subang Jaya. SS14? SS15? Do we have an SS20? I just know USJ, the way to KTM KOmuter/Carrefour/Subang Parade, Taipan and Mydin. Jauh sikit pun is like Putrajaya and Kompleks Kerajaan Parcel C,D,E.

Then there’s things like;

OMG.. we have Subway? Since when do we have so many fish spas? What happened to good ol’ reflexology? Why is that houseing area on the hills like San Francisco? Menebeng teh tarik bergelas2 tgh malam is part of Msian culture izzit? How come I didnt know that? OMG… Books are so expensive!! Why oh why are Paulo Coelho’s books categorized in Metaphysical Studies? Oh.. naik teksi kena cukup 4 strangers baru boleh jalan? Then you charge us RM10 each? Vending machine doesnt accept 1 cent? eh.. cepatnyer jual barang2 raya. Roti canai & roti kosong sama eh? Salah ke kalau saya suka pakai kasut walaupun hari panas? Just let the Mat Salleh sunbathe, if you were in Scotland, you’d be jakun as well with all the snow. Drive lane kiri pun tak boleh ikut speed limit eh? Motif nak hon saya? Nak Death Race dengan saya ker? *yarghh.. lantas melepaskan napalm.. kebaboom*

OMG.. did I just see someone throwing rubbish out the window of a moving vehicle? Simpan dulu dan buang dalam tong boleh? Dont litter lahhh..
OMG.. chicken is also that expensive?
OMG.. a bar of milk choc cadbury is that pricey too?
OMG.. I cannot buy things online!! I dont have the priviledge of a credit card anymore!!
OMG.. they dont make Kancil anymore! Does this mean I have to get a Herbie instead?
Kenapa kakak tak nak jual tudung panjang kat saya? Saya mmg pendek tapi tak bereti saya nak pakai tudung bunga yang macam serkup kepala tuh..
Tak boleh ke saya isi minyak saya sendiri? Its not that Im going to fool around like that scene in Zoolander.
Im not your ‘cik adik’.. Im your ‘kakak!!’
It’s Assalamualaikum.. not Salamekom… please ok please..
Please.. dont call our fellow Malaysian Indians as Keling/Tambi. Somehow it sounds degrading.
Please.. dont expect me to endorse alternative health products and services without sound evidence..

Most importantly.. Please.. dont hate me yet. Im still learning to love you Malaysia. Saya bukan lupa daratan, saya bukan eksen, bukan juga nk tohmah panjang2. Saya cuma belum biasa.

Orang kata kalau dah sayang, baik buruknya harus diterima seadanya. Tapi kalau yang buruk itu boleh diperbaiki, lagi best kan.. oh well..

And because its our 51st Merdeka Anniversary this weekend, I’ve been feeling extra patriotic and wacky (better now before Im left loose in the wards as a junior doc) for the past few days. I had time to produce my very own mini-album called ‘Patriotisme Dalam Kelambu’.

Of which like the title may suggests,  I sing kenegaraaan songs (or something along that line) under my polka blankie. Couldnt really sing at the top of my voice because Bro D was sleeping. Ha ha. Hush2 sajor. Haih. I pity my brothers for having to put up with an annoying sista like myself. Should have seen how I got on their nerves with my ‘Kawaii Formation’. Hi HI hi.

1. Sarawak Anthem

2. Johor Anthem

3. Selangor Anthem

4. Samudera Raya





1. mossavi - August 29, 2008

My kids? Late Sudir’s …..Tanggal 31, bulan lapan, 57 …. berkumandang, and the heat and the beat and the march and the excitement went on and on … 🙂
Cute ….

2. daju - August 29, 2008

i go back every summer. but this past summer, i balek, sume brg harga naik. quite terperanjat to see that a breakfast at mcD costs almost 10 ringgit..uisk..

i used to sing n9 anthem..does kl have one? dulu nyanyi wawasan 2020 time school assembly.

3. Minci 先生 - August 30, 2008

oh..that song is like evergreen.. best sekali

McD is a luxury definitely but so lah nice.. huhu
I havent been to N9, so i dont know the anthem
Im not sure if KL has one..

4. hayat - August 30, 2008

hujan emas negeri orang,
hujan batu negeri sendiri….

tapi batu-batu yang melanda Malaysia skang nih besar2 betull

though glad u come back to serve…

5. You Know - September 16, 2008

panjangnya article..

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