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:: Too Much Mind.. August 29, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

Have you seen the news on Moggies With Wings? Cute.. it’s like a fairy-tale. My theory is that its a genetic defect.

A lot of creations physical abnormalities are due to genetic defects. We just have to find out which gene. Just like the case of alien babies or mermaids- where in fact they are both recognised and documented medical conditions known as Harlequin Ichthyosis and Syringomelia respectively.

Yet, its still hard to correct the mindset of a community of people and educate them with the right information. Hence, I feel that a friend of mine deserves a standing ovation when she  expressed her wishes to become a psychiatrist in Malaysia.

It’ll be a painstaking effort in trying to encourage people (media included) to use Wad Psikiatri as opposed to Wad Gila. Gosh, I couldnt believe my ears as I heard the anchorman on TV used that phrase when reporting on the news of the girls of a particular school getting hysterical one after the other. Wad pesakit mental, Tanjung Rambutan all brings on a stigma. These patients are not all that aggressive and violent. They’d only do so if provoked. By who? Normal people…

Psychiatry illnesses are way underrated in this country. Even some of our own doctors shrug off their shoulders at the mention of depression, anxiety, panic attacks. These conditions are real ok. For all you know, your loved ones have shizophrenia or post natal depression and not diganggu orang halus. and yah.. some doctors are busuk hati enough to call their fellow psychiatrist as not real doctors. Hello.. sama2 amek medicine 5 tahun boleh?

Im not disputing the fact that syaitan exist. They are around us. Its just that as my friend put it, “most of us melaungkan kata2 ‘ikhtiar dan usaha’, ‘cuba segala jenis cara berubat’ but you refuse to open your mind up to modern medicine”. Doctors can help people who hear voices, we can help people who wants to kill themselves.

Psychiatric patients are not necessarily like the ones we see happening to Onni in Ezora. Psychiatric patients can be  high functioning individuals in the society. Ever heard of Professor Nash? He was schizophrenic. He had hallucinations. Yet, he was a genius and made his own formula.

hmph.. to that friend of mine .. I wish you all the luck in the world 😉



1. mossavi - August 29, 2008

Min, u’r so right …. my daughter and I used to do volunteer works cheering up the female patients in HUKM’s Psychiatry ward a couple of times, we played games, tell stories, sing songs, etc & my daughter made many friends there esp among teenagers who were terribly depressed …. it is true, they are harmless unless provoked by …. normal people with ‘abnormal’ mindset and attitude. Hugz 🙂

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