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:: A woman’s worth August 30, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life, Love and Relationship.
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It’s just life. For some reason, being single means that your whole existence worth less than your counterparts with soulmates.

If you were on that bus with the bomb in the Speed movie starring Keanu Reeves, you’d probably have to get off last because other people ‘have a wife and 3 small children’. And your crippled old mother and teenage siblings at home doesnt count. Not dependent enough.

MJ calls it ‘marital status’ discrimination. I guess there’s truth in that. How could it not? When the officer told her that since she was single, she’s better off working in Sabah. And not one in mainland Malaysia. Tapi kan.. boleh ke diorg hantar kita ke tpt camtuh if we didnt put it on our application form? If thats the case, no pointlah kan ada form cam tuh.  It’s OK. After our 2 year agreement ends, we’ll chooselah again. He he.

On the application form for choosing the hospitals we’d like to serve at, there are 3 spaces. We’d have to fill in where and why. On another page, there’s a part where they ask you if you are single, engaged or married. If you’re engaged, they require details of your spouse and if you’re married, they’d ask a copy of the marriage certificate. Hmm.. discrimination is too heavy of an accusation actually. It’s just how its suppose to be. Its the ways of the world we’ve come to accept. I’d feel bad seeing a couple being far apart. They were brave to Love. Courageous enough to trust and welcome a stranger to their lives. That should count for something. They earn it. Long distance doesnt work for everybody. But being single doesnt mean that one doesnt experience their fair share of being in love and then hurt, right? Well.. thats a different entry.


I take it back. The ‘worth less’ part. Im worth more than a pink diamond. Miahahaha.



1. kakfiza - August 30, 2008

erm..should i be worried about my status too?!
this is hard..think..think..

2. mossavi - September 1, 2008

We are all leaders, whether thru random acts of kindness or leading a nation. Our true strength and power comes from within ourselves, a resource that’s almost humbling in its magnitude. I believe every woman IS a Woman Or Worth ….. Hugz 🙂

3. mossavi - September 2, 2008

Alamak typo la Min … hehehe should read “A Woman OF Worth” … Hugz!

4. bailey - September 10, 2008

I agree that relationships can be challenging. In fact, I’ve tried pretty much everything. Now my friend, psychologist Dr. Alexander, showed me what’s been missing. I was looking at the wrong type for me. If you go on Dr. Alexander’s new site, http://www.loveTypes.com, and take the quiz, you’ll find the type that’s best for you.

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