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:: Buying baju raya August 30, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

Dad gave me money today – to buy Raya stuff he said. Wow.. Im getting another baju kurung siap!! My first ‘beli’ pair was actually the gold baju kurung I wore during my best friends wedding. And now I get to buy another pair. Best rupanya pakai baju kurung siap. Muat-muat.

Prior to this, Mother made our baju kurung and baju melayu. She taught me how to make it some time ago but due to lack of practice, I have forgotten. Now her eyes cant see the needles that good anymore and so for the last few years, she’s been sending kain to her friends to jahit. But I never quite like it with these tailors. Sometimes when we’ve given them a baju contoh to follow, they would sesuka hati besarkan sikit saiz baju. Either lebarkan or labuhkan. Helloooo.. I cannot grow any taller ok. Fat can.. but I’d rather not. Which reminds me.. I have to get some trainers.

So yah.. Im pretty excited to choose what I want;

1. What colour this year?
2. Which colour have I not got?
3. Should it be simple or rambu-ramba?
4. If gempak, can I wear it for everyday use? Or keep it for special occasions? 
5. Will it be a normal baju kurung, kebaya, kurung moden, baju kurung pahang?
6. Seksa or sopan? LOL.. obviously demure.
7. What sort of kain?
8. Where’s a good place to go apart from PKNS? Oh yah..sis said ‘First Lady’.

Hmm.. bestnya pau duit bapak. Ha ha ha. Maybe I could get a pair of new jeans as well with the extras.



1. maymay - August 30, 2008

ada extra…beli la tshirt raya untuk I selai 😉

2. daju - August 30, 2008

buy 2 pasang la..one for everyday use, lg satu for special occasion..

i got two this year…heeee…

3. hafiz - August 30, 2008

my grandpa and grandma used to work as a tailor. every raya, sure ramai orang order baju raya.

alang-alang dah guna duit ayah, beli lah dua 🙂

4. Minci 先生 - August 30, 2008

teruskan bermimpi bley.. ha ha

hoyeah.good idea..good good.. 😛

wahahaha..byklah plak hasutan nih.. he he

5. hayat - August 30, 2008

bapak bagi duit beli baju raya? bestnyerr… dah lama bapak aku tak bagi duit utk beli baju raya huhuuu…

selamat puasa semua.

6. mossavi - September 1, 2008

First Lady is a good place too. It also offers XL, XXL, XXXL sized garments for those who prefers to dress “baggy-ly” 🙂

7. Minci 先生 - September 4, 2008

hehehe.. nanti anak kau, Miss Nadiatul Qistina plak yg pau duit kau.. 😛

it is a good place. designs are alright with affordable price tags. I just bought a green kurung there. Im going to call it my ‘Baju Kurung FAIRY’ because it’s got like kembang2 here and there.. he he

8. mossavi - September 4, 2008

Cool Min! Nanti posing and send pict to aunty tau (winks, winks)

9. mossavi - September 4, 2008

Terkezut blog page Min terang benderang …. nampak dunia hehehehe tak yah guna torchlight hehe

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