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:: Radiated radiantly September 4, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.
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I’ve got my new pair of ‘Baju Kurung Fairy’, a top from Arcadia (dah tuh je yg masuk jiwa), a fantastic black shirt and jeans from ROMP, a ‘practical bag’ courtesy of Papitos.. now all I need is a hot date! Miahahaha.

Astarghfirullah.. insop insop.. puasa..

I went for my chest X-Ray today. Part of the medical check-up thing. Urgh.. hate going for X-Rays. You have to take your top off and unless you get a kind and thoughtful radiographer who tells you which garment necessary to take off, you’ll end up like me who took off everything! Jadilah macam baby bogel atas plastik jajan yang jual kat kolej dulu. OMG.. dahlah the radiographer was a young man. I plak cantik. Tapi adalah pakai that X-ray clothing on top. Hmph. Thank God that was like many many years ago and alhamdulilah.. my radiographer today was very kind.

“You bukak tudung, baju, dalam2 semua. Seluar tak perlu. Kalau rambut u panjang, u ikat atas”

Thank you ah Mr Chia. I pakai anak tudung kira sama aja kan… Actually I dont know his name but oh well.. he looks like a Mr Chia to me. Hihihi.

Now, Im awaiting the results of my urine sample which has to be sent to the lab for microscopy and drugs like cannabis. Hope nothing abnormal shows up. 😛



1. mangoandjojoba - September 4, 2008

aigoo…done ur medical check up aleady ka?? dem, I’m still waiting for my surat perlantikan. ok, first is x-ray, then urine test, lagi? lagi? (i thought we can do all this in the hospital we’ll be working at?)

2. Minci 先生 - September 4, 2008

Entahlah.. doktor yg check aku pun ckp cam tuh.. tapi kat surat SPa tuh suruh hantar sekali plak. Manalah I tak fenin.. huhu
dahlah kena reply dlm tempoh sebulan and tomorrow last.. ha ha

3. mossavi - September 5, 2008

Memang Min cantik 🙂

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