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:: Ohana Birthdays September 8, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Birthday Wishes.
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She once threatened to step on my face, kill my kitten and burn all my clothes. She even made false allegations that I was a lesbian. I was nine for goodness sake!! (long story) and she was seven years old at the time. Alhamdulilah, my sister has grown up to be a lovely lady, far from being monstrous and agressive towards me, apart from the usual whining! He he

Happy 23rd Birthday. Hope this 9th September will bring on a whole new meaning to your life. Insya-Allah if you keep up with your good behaviour (you know what I mean), you will finally get what you wish for. Lion King says, love will find a way. Miahahaha.

And yah yah yah.. I will get your birthday present. And bake you a cake. I’ll see what magic I could conjure tomorrow. Just do something about your Medusa hair. Please?


Next, putting our differences aside. Cewah.. now I sound like a rebel. HIHIHI

A Happy Birthday to Daddy/Papitos. I hope you’ll have a grand celebration with your colleagues at Vietnam this 10th September. I thank you for teaching me some aspects of life I’ve never thought I’d come across before. You have opened my eyes to the volatility of human nature. Of human survival. You’ve showed me how one person can be all that he/she wants to be… Muchos gracias. I know there have been times when I speak my mind too soon and have ceased to do what we medical practitioners been taught to do at all times – to just listen. We dont have to agree with everything, we just have to shut our mouth and lend our ears. Please forgive this daughter of yours. What I think is the best may not be the same in your eyes for you’ve experienced life many years more than myself. I’ll bear that in mind.

September.. a month where 2 members of my Ohana celebrates their existence in this dunyaa..

Happy Birthday again. Weekend nih kita makan besar yahhh. Miahahaha~

Ohana means family and family means nobody gets left behind. Or forgotten – LILO



1. pokdeng - September 9, 2008

MINCHI, you have to accept the fact that majority of people in Malayshia are Septemberians. I am one of them. An ‘angah’ of 31 gnomes of September rainbows. Wow, that sounds flashy. Eheks!

2. Minci 先生 - September 9, 2008


Sebab date of conception masa cuti sekolah ker? ha ha ha..

3. pluginbaby - September 9, 2008

i heard sumwhere the phrase “ohana means family”.. on hitz.fm a long time ago i guess.. huhu

4. Nur Amirah Shaharom - September 9, 2008

hurm,.. hepi bday to your ohana. nway, minci sounds much more excited for the malan besar eh? hehe!

p/s:Minci, i’ll have my practical in hosp. i think i am excited 🙂

5. mossavi - September 9, 2008

Hmmmm …. aunty hear you PokDeng … welcome to the club of the VirginS hehehe ooooppss eeerr ….. or was it supposed to be the “Virgorians” miaahaahaaa …. Birthday Wishes to Min’s Ohana members from Mossavi & family – Hugz 🙂

6. Minci 先生 - September 9, 2008

hehe.. but it came from a cartoon first – Lilo & Stitch..

mestilahhhhh.. best tau makan besar nih. I wonder where we’re celebrating this weekend. 😛
practical in hospital? which one?
excited eh? baguslahh.. 🙂

aunty!!! Pokdeng only wants to estimate your wealth!! Ha ha ha
erm.. Virgorians sound much nicer.. he he
dun think u lot remain virgins forever.. huhu..

7. mossavi - September 9, 2008

Hahahaha … heard u loud and clear Min … PokDeng come over lets evaluate stuff I have in my so-called treasure chest miaahaahaaa ….

8. pokdeng - September 9, 2008

Erk… it’s not nice to ngumpat during fasting month. hehe.

Aunty mossavi, why suddenly ‘virgin’ came at first? Huhu.

OK sori minchi, back to topic. Im 15sept. U had the same thought with me (i mean, dat conception part). I think not many who really think of it, or actually realizing it.

9. pokdeng - September 9, 2008


*blush and run*

10. mossavi - September 9, 2008

Hehehehe …. (laughed till I fell off my chair!)

11. Minci 先生 - September 10, 2008

Aunty, if there’s a skull in there..gimmeee.. he he 😛

Yah.. Procreation is my favourite subject.. miaahahahaha

15hb? Wokeh..

12. miyaki - September 11, 2008

ho, my tiga ohana as well la
before i forget, baik wish cpt2

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