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:: Seal & Heidi on Oprah September 15, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Love and Relationship, Movie/TV Reviews.
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It’s Oprah time on weekdays at 1 pm on Hallmark Channel. Today, the one-hour show invited 3 celebrity power couple to the studio. My favourite couple was Seal and Heidi Klum. Seal a renowned recording artist, popularly recognised through his hit song ‘Kiss by a rose’. Soundtrack for Batman. Heidi Klum, a top supermodel who hosts her own TV show ‘Runway’ and is also a Victoria Secret angel. My favourite angel is Miranda Kerr though.

Oprah loved Seal to bits. The audience adored him. Who wouldnt when he talks so lovingly of his wife and kids. Senang je nak kasik pompuan cair. Muahahaha.

Some of the lovely things mentioned on the show. Caution: Rough quotations from the programme. Not exact words.


Kiss from a rose

On talking about his marriage proposal to Heidi in an igloo.

Seal :  I wanted it to be perfect. After all, Im only going to get married once.
Oprah : Tell that to all the men out there!!!

Audience (mostly ladies) cheered.

Seal : My wife comes first, my family second and then my career..

About paparazzi’s
Seal : It’s a small price we have to pay to lead this very good life (saying this with a smile)

*Seal was born to a very poor family and has been in foster care till the age of four before his birth parents took him back into their care. On the show, he was reunited with a member of his foster family whom he had not kept in touch for over 40 years. It was an Auwww moment. Seal or his real name Henry, cried. Sob sob*

Seal : I think of my wife as my best friend as well. Sometimes we take things for granted of a wife being just a wife. When you see her as your best friend, there’s an amount of respect you give towards her. You wouldnt let her down or disappoint her.. which is the same thing you would do for your best friend.

On their first duet ‘The Wedding Song’

Oprah : When did you write this song?
Seal    : On the morning we got married.. (he described the traditional way they got married and about Eric, his guitarist coming over the morning of the big day)… We just kept jammin and I kept thinking about what would be the first words I’d like to say to her during the wedding. Hence, the song.

Heidi : Happy Wife, Happy Life

Seal also mentioned that since he lived in a non-harmonious family environment as a kid, he had learnt a lot from example. He elaborated more on saying that he not only learnt onto what to do in a relationship, but also of what not to do. There were things his parents did he wishes not to emulate and so on.

Last but not least, the couple introduced this particular cute term of endearment. Oprah said Tina Turner used the same word to call her beloved. The word is ‘Schatzi’. The power couple said that its German for something like ‘my precious’. I looked it up (on the internet of course) and found other German petnames like, Bärchen, Biene, Engel, Gummibärchen, Hasi, Honigbienchen, Knuddel, Kuschelbär, Liebling, Mausi, Schatzi, Schnuckiputzi, Spatzi, Zaubermaus. Take your pick! Ha ha.

In the Malay language, it best translates into ‘Sayang’.

“Schatzi ku.. whistling” Muekekekeke..


1. kasyah - September 15, 2008

“Seal : My wife comes first, my family second and then my career..”

I respect his word. 😀
Need to learn more from this man…yah,my career come first in my life at this moment.

‘Kiss by a rose’>> (just downloaded)i think first time i heard this song when i was in secondary school. it’s very beautiful song ..heck i never know the name of the song either the singer……

hehehe….oh my bonita….:P

finally…selamat sampai sudah. TQtq

2. miyaki - September 15, 2008

Ohh my orr-nick-bie-kghen!

3. Minci 先生 - September 15, 2008

The song was a soundtrack for batman..
yezza..kad warga msia sumer sampai hari nih.. hehehe

wot iz zis lenguwej? vy iz zit aiv neva herd of vit befaw? muekekekke

4. daju - September 16, 2008

ouh so sweet..nih kna cari balek kiss by a rose nih..

and ouh siap ade fav VS angel..hehehh

5. pokdeng - September 16, 2008

“Bagay lar-ngeet dur-ngan boomie,” a Tagalog version for Malay proverb “Bagai langit dengan bumi” (lit., ‘As different between earth and sky.’)

6. mossavi - September 16, 2008

Hahahaha PokDeng’s version of the Tagalog miaahaahaa – CUTE!

Anyway, hhmmmm sure most men wanna be married just once …… it’s the ‘extra marital activities’ yang tak pernah pernah cukup tu yang jadi problematik to those that have cultivated the bad habits tu ….. masalah negara betul …. Pak Lak pun pening lalat tak tau akta mana nak dibentang kat parlimen hehehe

“The Happy Wife, The Happy Husband, The Happy Life” – The END 🙂

7. mossavi - September 16, 2008

** ooppps typo – Pak Lah (not Pak Lak) hehe (blushing)

8. 13may - September 16, 2008

‘barang’ sudah selamat di terima.

Thanks 🙂

9. Minci 先生 - September 16, 2008

yess.. miranda kerr is such a hottie .. hahaha.. heart the accent

ber’tagalog’ plak kamu yer.. weyy.. hepi bday. aku tk tau ko brp tahun.. huhuhu

extra marital activities yg tk menjurus ke arah pacar2 tkper.. jgn lain sudah.. oh yah.. u know ‘mossavio’ kah?

barang apa nyer.. nanti tk pepasal org lain jeles..
kad je ok sumer.. kad jer
just like eveyrbody else..

10. Mossavio - September 16, 2008

I agree with ” Man want to married only once”.

Bak kata John Bridger in Italian Job, ” Of course I trust you, but, I did not trust the devil inside you”… 🙂

11. mossavi - September 16, 2008

Gosh Minci, honestly aunty tak kenal Mossavio nih ….. perhaps a formal introduction necessary (??)
Even noticed Mossavio’s comments mcm “counter relating” mine miaahaahaaa – macam rancangan “Debat” kat tv lak hehehe
Anyway, welcome to Minci’s World, Mossavio (ceh ceh ceh mcm rumah sendiri lak!)

12. pluginbaby - September 16, 2008

you have been tagged. hehe.. proceed via the url on this comment..

13. mossavi - September 16, 2008

Min, PokDeng told me he is 21 ……. issshhh muda bebeno!

14. kak awin - September 16, 2008

i guess i should start calling my husband Schatzi, hehe!
nway, am I too late to congratulate you for being a Doctor? and I have put your blog on mine, can I?

15. pluginbaby - September 16, 2008

wah2.. laju bangat!!

16. Minci 先生 - September 16, 2008

hoh.. cool script

I honestly dont know who mossavio is as well… ha ha.. but yeah..elcome.. oh.. pokdeng 21 ker.. i see..

a tag on ‘7 things I like/hate about the person I admire/adore?’.. muahahahaha
no way Jose am I going to do that taggy yet..

kak awin,
ohhhh.. it is never too late akak.. thank u
and congratulations on the birth of little fatihah!!
of course u can akak.. 🙂

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