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:: Love grows September 16, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Love and Relationship, Movie/TV Reviews.
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A few weeks ago, Mother and I watched  movie cartoon on TV. It was entitled Barbie as The Island Princess. (yes..this is what housewives and unemployed graduates do in the morning.. hehe)

Even Mother was surprised at how much she enjoyed the cartoon, “Yelah.. kecik2 dulu tkder tgk kartun”

Synopsis: Barbie is starring in a new movie! She plays a girl named Rosella who was shipwrecked when she was only 6 years old. The animals on the island help take care of Rosella and become her family.
There’s Sagi (a wise red panda), Azul (a prim peacock), and Tika (a loyal baby elephant). Soon she learns how to talk to the animals and understand everything they say!

Rosella lives with the animals untill she’s 16! One day a handsome prince named Antonio lands on the island. Rosella can’t remember ever seeing another person before. She’s fascinated!

The Prince invites Rosella and her animal friends back to his kingdom. On the boat ride, Rosella & the Prince fall in love! But…The Prince’s parents already planned a wedding for him and a Princess named Luciana! Luciana is the daughter of a wicked Queen named Ariana. The Queen quickly realizes Rosella could interfere with the wedding, so she starts a rumor that Rosella and her animal pals have made all the other animals in the kingdom sick!

And Princess Luciana is a artistic, friendly, and good-hearted person. She doesn’t realize her mother (Queen Ariana) has a wicked secret!

Will Rosella return to her beloved island home?
Does Prince Antonio marry Princess Luciana?

Can Queen Ariana be stopped before she takes over the kingdom???

There was a particular scene which I felt was sweet. The words Barbie said in comforting her friend Tika, the baby elephant when Tika felt she was not loved anymore since Barbie had met her prince charming.

Song : Always More

“If we make room for someone new
Doesn’t mean that there’s less for you
Only means that our circle has grown

Love knows, love grows,
Bigger than before
In your heart
There’s always more”



1. pokdeng - September 16, 2008

“There’s always more…”

For me, NO.

2. mossavi - September 17, 2008

Ehem …. there is PokDeng, there is insha’allah 🙂
Aunty ni nasihat org je pandai hehehe …. diri sendiri pun sceptical nak bercintan lagi dah miaahaaahaaa … too many lies out there 😦 too much deceits and betrayals ….. takuuuuut bangat!

3. fuzzy - September 17, 2008

barbie best (if watched alone)!! hehehe…

sometimes…i repeat sometimes, kadang-kadang kalau terserempak dengan barbie on saturday or sunday morning and i have nothing to do, i’d watch it.

barbie maripossa? muahahah

4. Minci 先生 - September 17, 2008

oh can.. More for children, parents, ipar, mentua, new friends, new colleagues.. there’s always room for more.. he he

can aunty can.. ikut hati ini memang serik tapi some guys are just worth trying for.. 😛

u? watch barbie? auw..so cute
btol ke sometimesssss je tgk barbie? ha ha ha

maripossa? the fairy2 one.. tk tgk lagi.. he he

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