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:: With Merryl September 17, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Dream Diary.

Once upon a dream…

There I was, washing the dirty dishes in the kitchen with Merryl Streep. Wow! She made a physical appearance just like how she was in Mamma Mia. Those beautiful long curly golden hair. I dont remember what we talked about… but it felt motherly and comfortable. IMagine that voice whispering the words of wisdom one after the other while we wash loads of cups and plates in the sink.

We just had a small party. Part of the house was like Mimie’s house where there’s this little verandah with big slided doors. The other part of it (the kitchen windows) was like mine but instead of looking out to another house at the back, there was this big grassy field with a very very big tree. It was a beautiful setting.

The season was Autumn! My second favourite season for I love the sight of red and golden leaves.

The big tree was magnificent and it wasnt just any tree. People lived on it. Normal sized people lived in its trunks. They took shelter under the ‘kerendangan’. Haih.. rasa macam nak jadi fairy pokok. Ha ha ha.



1. mossavi - September 17, 2008

Hello? Hallucinating huh?! he he he

2. pokdeng - September 17, 2008

yeah… berangan…

3. miyaki - September 17, 2008

uuu, i like this dream
very fairy like
*lantas berangan

4. Minci 先生 - September 18, 2008

permulaan isen pun
‘Once upon a dream..’
maka sah2 lah mimpi… muekekekke 😛

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