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:: Sickbay September 18, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.
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Note: A change in theme again since my precious Nad finds it an agonizing experience trying to load this blog using the previous template. Hope this ones better. Im staying with green because this years Raya Theme for Minci’s House deco is PAS. Well.. green. He he.

sickbay sick·bay (sĭk’bā’)

  1. The hospital and dispensary of a ship.
  2. A place in which the sick or injured are treated.

Half of the Minci family is down with a cold. All of the XY chromosome. Im itching to comment more but oh well..  ha ha. and they whine more than us XX’s. Manja sangat. I hope they’ll recuperate with speed. 😛 


The Sickbay Facility during my time in STF was a creepy place. Too much ghost stories were passed on from one generation of seniors to the other. Still, it never kept the much cheekier students to feign sickness just to play truant have a little break.

At one point, the wardens discovered that the students were ‘falling sick’ all the time. Tummy aches. Yelah.. kalau nak tipu demam, body temp is normal. Who could ever tell if the stomach ache or chronic menstrual pain was genuine or otherwise. Encik Adnan (the man in charge of the sickbay and bringing ill students to the clinic) did a little research and soon found out that the little trip to the polyclinic was not to see the doctor, but to menebeng at the nearby food stalls to have roti telur and teh tarik. Muekekeke… Authority wins. 

Soon enough, sick students were brought to a different clinic. Far from possible attractions. Although students can still find a way to ‘fly’.

I dont remember ever been staying in the sickbay overnight personally but I recall the time when one of my dormmates (who is also my classmate) had a migraine attack.  It was a panicking situation. I had no idea that a migraine can be that serious. Looking back, she might actually have a tinge of cluster headache alongside the migraine. But to think that one person having two neurological conditions is just too mengkasihankan, dont you think. It could be psychogenic.

She screamed in pain. A horror movie-like scream. She clutched her head most of the time and we had to hold her down for fear that she’d pull her hair out. She was almost hysterical. Outsiders who had no clue she was having a migraine/cluster headache attack might have thought she was possessed. She meronta aggressively and anybody who have experienced holding her hand can vouch that it was bone-breaking. The amount of strength coming from such a little person was undescribable. She cried buckets of tears. Once, she loss control over her bladder. We helped clean her up and everyone was in pity for she had to go through so much pain at this young of age. She had no control over her bodily function and was practically at the mercy of us in that room to help her manage it. Just what could a bunch of 14 year olds do at the time.. kan?

We (her classmates) were on her case for the whole night. Well.. more like 2-3 hours after ‘off-lights’. When her pain finally subsided and she naturally dozed off, our exhaustion was obvious too and together we drifted to dreamland, hoping that the next attack could wait for just another day.




1. mossavi - September 18, 2008

Wah … hope everyone at home is recovering Min …. dengar2 wabak denggi is everywhere 😦

2. kak awin - September 18, 2008

was that story for real? never had one, but what happened to her in the end? anyhow, get weel soon to minci’s family!

3. daju - September 18, 2008

my skolah nye sickbay pun scarry ok..dah la ade mcm tray2 kt hospital dulu2..even the bathroom pn i tkot nk masok..

when i was in form 1 je pnah tdo sickbay..sbb demam sgt2..
that time..ramai sgt first formers in the sickbay..sebab demam or some of them terpijak paku..(the day before, we all ade CS party..main tembak2 pistol air huhu)

anyways, i remember..my temperature quite high that my friends gather around me and gilir2 ltak wet towels on my forehead..ahh..sweeet..

and i tak suke pg clinic yg skolah bwk..sbb they’ll give me paracatemol..which most of the time x work..i need antibiotics back then..

4. FaruqY - September 18, 2008

Doc Minci, jaga your dad tu baik-baik. Kesian I tengok Pak Mus menggigil-gigil kat opis. Huhu~

5. Minci 先生 - September 18, 2008

Thank u for the concern aunty.. but Im pretty sure diorg tk kena denggi.. 🙂

Kak Awin,
real kak.. sgtlah real.. i havent heard of anymore attacks after that. Maybe she’s grown out of it or sought relevant treatment..

Bilik air kat sekolah asrama mmg menakutkan.. eee.. too many eerie stories. hantu razor lah, green ladylah, hantu leher panjanglah.. eeee..
auw.. that was veyr sweet of your friends..

yo encik who is ‘somewhere out there’.. muekekekekekeke..
Yah.. he is given first class TLC by the wifey..

6. hafiz - September 18, 2008

the dorm of my high school is full of ghost stories since my high school is more than 100 years old. basically every part of the school has their own creepy stories 🙂

hopefully, your family member will get well soon.

7. kakfiza - September 18, 2008

oh..semoga semua XY cepat sembuh!
i loike the pic..sgtlah seswai
nway, parcel kasih sayang dah sampai
yey..thanks kamencik
tak saba nk berbuke!

aih..pakai selendang baru la thn ni~

8. Minci 先生 - September 19, 2008

hoho.. I bet some of ur ghost stories would overlap with ours..

yay!!!!!! parcel kasih sayang sudah sampai!!
syukur 🙂

9. Danial - September 19, 2008

oh..the word ‘fly’, lama tak dengar..lol
thanks for d kad hari raya ye KAKAK MINCI!!

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