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:: Bliss me lar.. September 22, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Food and Drinks.
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Fine, yesterdays entry was rather gloomy. All that shenanigan about being sensible and less crazy. Ha ha. Like its going to last.. who could ever restrain this lil one. Muahahahaha.

1. Bazaar Ramadhan

Ramadhan may be coming to its end but it was my 1st time to the bazaar at USJ 4. Some stalls were obviously on demand as compared to the rest. People were queueing for a particular ‘Murtabak Langkawi’ and from my short glance, I think its murtabak salut with egg. Huwarghh..cholesterol!! I settled with Din’s Murtabak. Dad bought them before and I thought that the beef murtabak was yummy.

I went to the bazaar with Sis Ninci. Between us we bought;

  • Popia Basah
  • Otak-otak
  • Soy bean ( urghh.sedap sangat. It tasted of pure soy and was not that sweet )

Ever had Soya Bandung? Mother likes to create her own delicacies and boy it was sedap. Senang je, campurlah air soya kotak with a bit of sirap cordial. Ha ha.

2. Sista’s in the kitchen

While I made ayam masak merah and vege in squid sauce for buka, Sis Ninci made some Dadih Jagung. Easy to make, fun to eat. Just buy one of those ready made dadih powders in the packet and follow the instructions to make yummy dadih.


Dadih Jagung Ninci


3. Sweet thoughts

Just when you thought the world is lousy and ordinary, the extraordinary people in your lives just finds a way to shine through – The mailbox!!

Thank you for the cards, gift AND surprise. Can I please show them off?? Pretty please?? Hihi


Ngee.. 🙂

Im overwhelmed with joyous emotions but since I cant really say it to your faces.. “terimalah kasih sayang muah muah muah daripada saya”.. ha ha ha

4. Semprit Jagung

Huwargh.. penatnya buat biskut nih.


The Ingredients

If you havent noticed, Mother Samito uses PASU as a mixing bowl to make raya biscuits. We have been using it for as long as I could remember.


Find the perfect twirl


End result - Samprit

 Jemput makan.. 🙂




1. maymay - September 22, 2008

fuiiyoohhh!!! 😀

2. mangoandjojoba - September 23, 2008

waaa….start making kuih raya already?? I’ll start this weekend. My cousins are coming over, so baru best ramai2 buat kuih raya.

Owh, my parents seem like you la cik Min. They even have this crazy idea of introducing you to my baby brother hehehehe.. well, he’s 22, working, earn RM3500 a month and will having his own 3 bedroom condo insyaAllah in 2 months time…interested?

3. Nanad - September 23, 2008

the dadih nampak sedap!!!

i so want the clinique voucherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

4. daju - September 23, 2008

rindu bazaar ramadhan…

nway, dh dpt kad raya. thank you.

did you get yours? sila check mailbox hari2..

5. fuzzy - September 23, 2008

wow. 22 and earning 3.5k. where the bleep does he work? nak jugak.. i mean the job la. n where did u get the serbuk dadih???

6. Minci 先生 - September 23, 2008


yes.. dah start buat since tenaga buruh ada sorang je… a.k.a. moi
maka kena havva headstart.. huhu
erK???? yet I feel so loved n fofular.. 😛
ambik jadi anak angkat cukuplah… ha ha ha ha ha
kem salam to makcik, pakcik dan nenek..

sedap sanggatttttttt
the voucher is mineeeeeee .. miahahahha

not yet but no worries.. I wait for my Mr Postman everyday.
Everytime dgr moto dia mesti akan intai2 kat pintu pastuh berlari kluar.. ha ha ha

Petronas. I think.
Serbuk dadih beli kat black-market. Ha ha.
Semestinya MYDINNNNN..

7. mangoandjojoba - September 23, 2008

to fuzzy : Petronas. They are revising the gaji. So starting gaji @ PET is rm3500 not rm2500 lagi. They have to do this you know coz ramai scholar breech contract x mo keje dgn PET. hehehehe..btw, my brother fren, breech contract n landed with a rm5000 salary. At 22, wat will you do with that amount of money?? jeles ni!

8. mangoandjojoba - September 23, 2008

hahahaha..ok2 anak angkat pun angkat la…wei2..bile nak kasi diriku addressmu?

9. Minci 先生 - September 23, 2008

oouuhhh.. yg RM5000 tuh kat mana plak keje.. ha ha
ok ok.. nanti aku bagi

10. miyaki - September 23, 2008

kak fiza jom kita buat kueh raya jom!

11. fuzzy - September 23, 2008

wow banyaknya buat adjustment dkt salary! ini tidak adil! huh…

12. Minci 先生 - September 23, 2008

takyah ok.. korang dah dpt byk dahhhhhhhhh

begitulah nasib badan.. huhu
moga masa depan byk rezeki

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