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:: Through the rain September 22, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

“If God brings you to it, He’ll bring you through it”

With Ramadhan coming to an end and Syawal drawing near, I’m more concerned about my life events after Eid. Even my new baju kurung and fake eyelashes is not helping. In less than 2 weeks after that, I’d be whisked away to god-knows-where for an induction course and from what I’ve read in blogs so far, a few days after that.. I’d be on my first rotation. huwarghh.. cuaknya.. dapat mana nih??

Already Im having insomniac moments. Lately, ive been waking up at 2AM, only to force myself to sleep again so I could wake up for sahur at 0415hrs. Urgh. Life no fun lah like this. I should stop doing this fast-forward thinking. Its like when Im at the shopping mall, instead of having my eyes set on the store in front of my eyes or on the same floor, my gaze would melilau ke kedai yang tingkat atas sekali tuh hahhhh.. Have to remind myself – live the moment. Relax.

Like MJ, I’ve also received my temporary registration letter as a medical practitioner. I guess this also means I have to behave online. No skimpy outfits or bikini profile photos on social network. (ha ha.. as if). Must not lick my friends in public. (miahaha) No unnecessary condemning. Responsible writing and honest journalism if I were to write on something serious. Wajar berakhlak. Wajib berdisiplin. Angelic mode. Aummm..

Maybe its time to go back to keeping 2 separate journals. One on paper and one on bytes. I’ve stopped writing in diaries for quite a while and as a result my life has been slightly transparent to some of my friends online. Not that I mind..  for those who have access to password protected entries are trusted ones. Its just that I find life is getting so complicated with time that my thought processes are too quick to be put down in writing. Maybe I should call a hotline for serabut people. Huhu. In the end I feel frustrated because I havent fully expressed what I needed to. So hopefully on paper, I could scribble of what may look like non-artistic squibbles but would mean something when I come back to reflect on them.

whooohh.. kawaii journal hunting.. 😛

urgh. working life will be like the STF experience. Alone at a strange place. Starting as an individual at the end of the food chain. Bound to the rules. That anxiety of making new friends, living with strangers and standing on my two little feet again. Little access to the internet for personal stuff. 

I really hope that God will bring me through.  





1. miyaki - September 22, 2008

hehe, ok kot insya Allah..
ala, mcm start skola semula, it wasnt so bad dulu, was it?
mula2 sampai, cuak kebebe, pastu pejam celik daa abis daa 5 tahun..bila look back, pikir,
“..ek eleh, apsal la dulu aku cuak no..tgok, takde pape pon..”
cuma kat skola yg nih, bdk2 dia besar2 sket la..
n mungkin lg garang..
mungkin juga lg saiko..
hehe…*gelak nerves

2. daju - September 22, 2008

i pun ade that anxiety to make new friends..huhu..

if you ever find the hotline for serabut people..do let me know as well..hehehh..

i’m sure you’ll get through..have faith kak min..


3. mossavi - September 22, 2008

Aunty have all the confident in you Min ….. you’ll be fine … insha’allah 🙂 Hugz.
“No skimpy outfits or bikini profile photos ….” – pssssst just email ’em to me 🙂

4. ahmad fadzli - September 22, 2008

rilek aa min… rasa cuak awal2 jer… biasa lps 1 week ok ler… pastu blh le nkau buli HO baru lain lak… aku rasa yg plg stress would be medical posting… almost everyday akan ada patient collapse & nkau kena resuscitate, mungkin gak patient tu mati… tp ituler cabaran keje doktor kan? anyway, kalau dpt kuantan atau hukm bgtau aku… blh aku tlg sket nkau..

5. mangoandjojoba - September 23, 2008

hmm..nanti dpt letter (induksi or btn or posting) let me know okehhh…hehehe

6. Minci 先生 - September 23, 2008

gelak neves plak engkau nih eh.. ha ha ha
tima ksihlah kasik semangat, malu2 bara api semangat aku..
part saiko tuh best 😛

hotline pertama yg dijumpai adalah 2-4-4-3-4
rasanya ada lagi .. hihi

muekekekeke.. *gelak kamben*

ahmad fadzli,
mcm ku kenal nama ini. anaesthetist ke? 😉
tuhlah.. sumer org ckp medicine dahsyat..
aku plak takut O&G.. huhu
hoh.. aku ada apply kat salah satu tpt.. hooray!!

wokeh babe..

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