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:: Can I cry? September 23, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Ponderings.

Can I cry in front of my patients nanti? It’ll be awkward kan? We’re supposed to be somewhat ‘strong’… What’ll happen if I do?

Sebab saya mudah sedih bila tengok orang sedih… 😦

Im not a cry baby.. I just sympathise too much.. surely thats less professional looking , dont u think?



1. mangoandjojoba - September 24, 2008

hmm.. mudah sedih is me also. take history from a lung cancer pt’s wife pun, i had to hold my tears. I even shed few drops of tears at joyful moment like childbirth hehe. Would that make me less professional? hmm donno la. but we are human being with feeling. sum people say, doctors are emotionless. esp when what we r dealing each day finally become a routine. even with a cold face, deep inside, i’m sure we r still crying.

2. pokdeng - September 24, 2008

How strong is a woman?

Can you tell me Dr. Minci Yazumin?

3. 13may - September 24, 2008

jgn lupa bawa tisu nanti yea…hehhe

4. mossavi - September 24, 2008

A woman’s strength, no matter how powerful, too has its limits …… rather subjective to describe …. its an individual thing …. and also circumstancial ….. kena kaji individu itu sendiri dan keadaan yang sedang dilalui nya …. wallahualam. I usually hold the tears back but if need be, turn my face away from people for a second to wipe ’em off with my hand (kalau takde tissue lah), then blink blink my eyes banyak kali to ensure the next tear masuk balik hehehe. Tapi waktu solat tahajjud ….. tangisan dan sebak allows me to feel Allah’s presence …. 🙂

5. D - September 24, 2008

hello Dr Min,
lama tak tinggalkan jejak. My personal view on this is, you have to toughen up to be a doctor. It’s not wrong, but it’s more professional – that’s what I think. At least, not when there are ‘breaking news’ to tell or when others need to be strong.

From my experience, as a teacher, I always try to put my professionalism (kalau ada la..) upfront. As a wife (previously) and a sister (my sis with Ca now), I somehow ALWAYS manage to put up a strong front with them. tak tau cemana. Coz I know, if I leleh, where would they find their strength?

i know u’ll be a great doc, insyaAllah…

keep well

6. Minci 先生 - September 25, 2008

*matilah respon sekerat*
but I’ve read everything and made a mental note 🙂

a woman is like a teabag, we can only tell how strong she is until she gets in hot water..

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