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:: Three Types of Biskut Raya September 23, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Food and Drinks.
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We meet again in Minci’s Baking Session. MIahahaha. Today, I baked Biskut Daun Berguguran, Biskut Makmur and Biskut Nestum. At the same time, suffocating the whole household with Siti Nurhaliza’s Eid Song ‘Anugerah Aidilfitri’. Sorryler.. since Im the one baking, I get to choose my groove song. Chup, sebab tuh ker my masakan selalu tak jadi? Gara2 karaoke? Muekekekeke.

“Mari puji memuji kepada Tuhan
Titis kasihnya melimpah seluruh alam
Mari puji memuji Tuhan yang Esa
Insafi nikmat diberi di Hari Raya”

We bake a lot but the adunan is small small only.. cukuplah untuk makan sekali duduk tengok Cerekarama. Ha ha.

1. Biskut Daun Berguguran

This is Bro M’s favourite. To be honest, I only used the recipe. I didnt however, made the biscuit to look like daun yang berguguran. You want.. You do yourself lah.. According to the original, once the dough is done, you’d separate it into two different colours. One to make the daun and the other.. I dunno, flower maybe.

Initially, the dough looked like it got anaemia. Pucat semacam. Haish.. apa nih. Ikut orang yang menguli plak ker kekdahnya. So I had to add a bit of brown colouring to make it appear more bermaya.

Take Minci’s Modified Ishihara Test

The Ishihara Color Test is a test for red-green color deficiencies. It was named after its designer, Dr. Shinobu Ishihara, a professor at the University of Tokyo, who first published his tests in 1917.


OK.. what is it?


This one?

2. Biskut Makmur Arab

This is Sis Ninci’s favourite. Only, no inti inside. She just likes the feeling of it melting inside her mouth. Ha ha. Green is her favourite colour, so I added some colouring in the dough.


Yellow & Green


Biskut Makmur

3. Biskut Nestum


Another Ishihara

Tomorrow is another baking day. Ha ha ha. Nak resepi? Datang rumah salin sendiri. Hihihihi..



1. mossavi - September 23, 2008

Yummy biskut makmur!!! My favourite tu 🙂

2. 13may - September 23, 2008

serius ker nak suh aku datang salin resepi tuh???

nanti aku datang umah ko ok 😉

3. mangoandjojoba - September 23, 2008

love, smiley and X-factor ?? hahahaha..
I pass or not your Ishihara test?

4. miyaki - September 23, 2008

aizat mesti tak lepas yg 2nd tu..

5. Minci 先生 - September 23, 2008

I see.. I see

Terus tutup pintu rumah.. ha ha ha

yeay… u passed!!

haha..cuba kau testing dia 😛

6. kasyah - September 23, 2008

buat kek sendiri-sendiri
sempena nak dekat aidilfitri
taknak gi salin resepi
nak gi rumah makan free

7. Zy - September 24, 2008

bestnya… raya baking frenzy, siti’s raya songs, to be at home for raya…

8. AKU PENJAGA MASA | Kasyah's Legend Begins - September 24, 2008

[…] How you feel today dude? I hope God can give me 48hours per day without sleep. But it’s all about how I can make my day more quality. Now it’s going to been in the hard and busy mode. With Syawal nearest, I need to spend more time with my family and relatives. Need to prepare for duit raya for them, go shopping, find new kuih raya…ahaha. […]

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