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:: Our Mini Botanical Garden September 24, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life, Food and Drinks.

Note : Moga yang terpisah diketemukan…

Mother Samito has green fingers. We once had pumpkins, papaya trees, kacang botol, daun kunyit, aloe vera, daun sireh.. all growing well in our front yard. Over the years, tanaman bersilih ganti and now there’s a different selection. I hope there’ll be more!!

See if you could recognize the plants. Ingat Pak Mansur Shah je ada Taman Botani?? he he.


I only recognise three..



Rimbun2 Yang Menjadi Mangsa 'Reverse' Ku

I’d like to grow at least my own lemongrass bush at my own home nanti. Dalam pasu pun bolehlah coz its very cost efficient in terms of saving in groceries expenses. 😉




1. mossavi - September 24, 2008

Green is beautiful ….. lemon grass tea is popular now amongst health conscious lounge and coffee house patrons 🙂 The demand pun has increased tremendously worldwide. In Israel, they converted bekas tapak peperangan into lemon grass farms … Jewish medical specialists confirmed their research that lemon grass boleh heal cancers to a certain degree. Aunty was browsing for overseas market to export our lemon grass, terjumpa website Jewish tu ….

2. coops - September 24, 2008

sis, my mom pun suka gardening.. more towards her passion, actually 😀 we have flowers that blossom cantik sgt & colourful 😉 plus cili padi la, serai, limau la, bla..bla..
unfortunately her daughter (which is me la kan..) is not that rajin to bercucuk tanam, teruk betol 😦

3. daju - September 24, 2008

lemon grass mcm penting je..
if only boleh tanam lemon grass kt apt nih..kn bgos..
xyah susah2 nk pg international market bru beli…

4. mossavi - September 25, 2008

Daju, tanam dlm pasu pun boleh 🙂

5. Minci 先生 - September 25, 2008

Aunty.. dulu2 kan saya selalu beli shower foam lemon grass.. sbb bau dia sedap sgt.. he he
about menanam dlm pasu… kalau climate kat US mcm Daju idop ker? 😛

akak bela cactus je lah.. 😛
oh.. kalau bela pokok cili best jugak kan..

try ah.. try.. 😉

6. mossavi - September 25, 2008

Ooooh kat US …. enggak bisa 😦

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