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:: Brothers & Sisters September 25, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

Sis N was on her way out. She had a new outfit on.

Sis N : OK tak baju nih?
Bro M : You look fat lah kak.
Bro D : Yalah.. sooo fattt..
Sis N : Huh?????????

In the meantime, I was in the background doing some reading. I couldnt help gasping in horror and disbelief when I heard my brothers comments though.

Minci : OMG.. you cant say something like that to a womannnn.. its enough by saying ‘i think you’ll look better with a different top’ or something..
Both : Alah.. kakak tkperlah..
Minci : Yerlah tuh.. nanti with ur girlfrens u… (unable to finish sentence)

Both : GIRLFRIEND lainlah!!!

Bro M : Pandailah kitrg jaga hati..
Bro D : Ntahnyer..

Minci : AMBOI!!! Cakap macam ada pengalaman jerrrrrrrrrrrrrr..

Brothers.. bluekk. They adoringly call this verbal exercise as ‘being lovingly honest’. On a few occasions, them brothers have been too blunt on the comments they passed onto us sisters,

“Kak, I can see your misai” (eyy..shadap)

“Kak, your eyes macam hantu lah” (ahh..liar!)

“Eee.. dalam rumah pun nak mekap” (so what?)

“Kak, are you tucking your stomach in?” (after a heavy meal at Hartz Chicken)

“Kak, your tudung gelembunglah” (arghh.. like I care)

Omigosh.. we cant appear to be thatttttt bad, can we? Ha ha ha ha. Matila tak accept reality.


1. maymay - September 25, 2008

takpe…cinta itu buta 😀

2. pokdeng - September 25, 2008

”Sepa kentut tek? Kawu kah?!” (dlm umah sesama sibling)

”*senyum*” (sesama kapel)

3. Nanad - September 26, 2008

itula kegunaan family..

sapa boleh komen

“kak,your bulu kaki kelaka”


anyway buanglah misau~~

4. daju - September 26, 2008

your brothers comel la..hahah..
tp honest betul mereka..

my best friend pn xckp if my tudung cm ‘karipap’
but i know..selebet gile..mls nk layan..

5. malim - September 26, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir dan Batin

6. mangoandjojoba - September 27, 2008

most honest statement i ever heard about myself..everything that comes out from my brother’s mouth! but its kinda ‘ouch that hurts’ most of the time hahahaha..but aren’t we all luvvvvvvvvv our bro?

7. pluginbaby - September 27, 2008

my 1st kad raya is from U!!! haha.. thanks.. 😛 .. ala.. kalau akk ade kt uk lagi mesti dpt skali pic2 akk skali dgn kad raye kn? hehehehe… thanks thanks thanks!

8. Minci 先生 - September 27, 2008

cukuplah buta.. jgn pekak pulak

dah lama tak kentut.. muekekkee

i mmg rajin ok buang misai I.. 😛

ha ha ha.. tundung ‘karipap’.. lama tak dengar

Selamat hari raya . Maaf zahir batin.

yes.. brother are useful for labour work – vacuum, cuci kereta, angkat benda berat, ambikkan bende kat luar rumah, angkat kain, tutup kunci alarm kereta, bayarkan bende, order makanan dsb..
so, wajar disayangi selepas dibuli.. huhu

muekeke.. MAKCIK MINCI hantar kad!!

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