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:: Get The Anime Look (Eyes) October 4, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life, Just For Fun, Mini Projects.
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Warning: This entry is rated “13 BB” [13 Barf Bowl] because the contents and pictures contains lots of self-love, nilai2 perasan yang teramat and Getik Grade 5. Ha ha ha.

Kak.. you look like cartoon
Yes.. that is kind of the idea. Which cartoon?
Like that girl in Tekken..

Well.. that was Bro M talking. The reaction I got from Sis Ninci was, “Your eyes are swollen..”

Hey.. takkk  OK..  

One of my hobbies is to menguwe my face. Since I had all the time in the world to fulfill my fantasy as an anime character, I decided to perfect the art of creating my Anime eyes (for now). Anime eyes are BIG and KAWAII (cute). Even those who are born with slit-eyes or without a double eyelid can achieve this look if you’ve got the right tools of the trade.


Anime Look?

You’ll need;

1. The perfect contact lense 
2. Fake eyelashes

For better ‘wow’ effect, you might want to;

1. Eye Charm
2. For the much braver anime wannabes, tweezers to shape your eyebrows
3. Eyeshadow

Ultimate WOW : Get the hair and outfit!!


The perfect contact lense

By perfect I mean contact lenses that give you a Large Pupil Effect. It has been used by celebrities in Korea and Japan to give off a more attractive complexion. Some may have known it as Secret-Eyes or in my case Alluring EYes.

There are several brands and colours available. And are easily purchased online from respective dealers in Malaysia. The ones Im using is;

Brand : Freshkon Alluring Eyes
Colour : Misty Black
Price : RM58.00 per box (2 lenses)

I get my supplies from Taipan USJ’s Sydney Optic store. Just beside Baker’s Cottage.

Fake Eyelashes

Any fake one would do. Since this is an experiment, I just bought cheap ones. Now that would have been enough if you dont really have a party or cosplay event to go to.


Chak! He he

You can of course ‘wow it up’ with a few additional tricks.

Eye Charm

This is a handy trick for those who have little narrow eyes. I bought what’s called an ‘Eye Charm’ for RM 3.50. The original price was RM7.00. It is actually glue and apart from using it to stick the eyelashes, it has been used by some girls to stick their eyelids together (I know it sounds horrible) to widen the eye globe. Here’s a tutorial on how they did it. This eye charm comes with its own prongs too! I didnt use it though.

Some advocate the use of silver makeup, like Michelle Phan. Love her tutorials!

Tweeze your eyebrows

Ermmm.. you can go for it if you like

Makeup, Hair & Outfit

Emulate any anime character you like.. he he

*the fair white angel with wings is actually a guy*





1. Puteri Nad :) - October 4, 2008

slit eyes huh?
there’s hope after all

2. coops - October 4, 2008

i have pair of sepet eyes, dun think i can make my eyes look like that la minci 😦

p/s: been wanting big, sparkling eyes just like my Suzuka, uhuk 🙂

3. 13may - October 4, 2008

errr….saya memilih untuk memberi ‘no komen’ 🙂

4. pluginbaby - October 6, 2008

theme song for this post – jonas brothers : when you look me in the (anime) eyes

5. Minci 先生 - October 7, 2008

theres hope for everybody.. he he

akak suka suzuka eh.. 🙂

of coz..

ohhh..suka sgt lagu tuh
dan juga lagu ‘burning up’

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