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:: Aunty’s Tag October 9, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Just For Fun.

Its Aunty Mossavi’s first attempt at tagging people. Must Show Support. Plus Im a bit dry on what to write at the moment. Muekekeke. Walhal diri yang muka tak malu mintak ditag.

1)  You drive to work?
Maybe, in a Kancil. Unless Im lucky enough to get an on-site accommodation. I really have to remind myself to get a cushion. Im pressing the pedals with my tiptoes.

2)  Favourite game?
Word games, Card games, Mahjong Titan on my laptop, Chocobo. Hate chess and Im not going to pretend that I like Sudoku.   

3)  Favourite colour?    
REd my darling.. REd. Its a very AmoRous colour.

4)  How far from your office?   
Not applicable

5)  Do you have PA in your office?  
I was once a PA. To KakJet. Ha ha ha.   

6)  Star?
Leo. Therefore I ache for my own territory. Growl!! First thing I tend to do once I reach anywhere is to piss in the toilet. So I’ll feel more like at home. Well.. most of the time. Matilah obses dan penipu.  

7)  Type of person … ie sensitive?    
Nad says ‘Volatile’. I took an anime hair colour quiz the other day and its says my hair colour changes with my mood. Ta-da. I however like to delude myself into thinking that Im a very nice, kind and overly sweet person. *nah, barf bowl*

8)  Education Level  
Ermm.. rahsia. Duh

9)  Staff under you?   
I am in command of my 2 brothers though. 

10) Time to office & back   
No idea. Not applicable.

11)  Do u like swimming?    
Yes. Too bad havent been in the pool for years now. Might have to start all over again in the kiddies pool. Wait a minute, I’ve just been to Sungai Klah this year. Oh well.

12)  Do u like golfing channel 815?    
Its hard to feign an interest in golf. So, no.

13)  From where ….. kampong?  

14)  Sister & brother?
Fantastic Four. A set of each gender.

15)  Name most favourite song
To choose one over the rest is blunt discrimination to human talent. Acececece..    

16)  Best dishes cooked?
Friends say my black pepper. Ibarat makanan kapal terbang katanya.    

17) Choice of food
Quick to munch. I have a problem in chewing my food 44 times. Its usually a ‘ngap & gulp’. Im working on it.     

18) Dress : simple or high taste
Aiyar.. depends on occasion    

19) Do you go for branded items?
Why not.. if I like it very very much and can pay for it  

20)  Do you like shopping? 
After sleeping.. YES!   

21)  Where? 
Stores that sell cute outfits or stuff.  

22)   Alone or accompanied?
Alone unless the company is great and not a drag/brag  

23)   Country visited overseas so far?
Italy, Egypt, England    

24)   U believe in experience comes knowledge or vice versa?
Bak kata lagu MNasir & Malique ‘Mantera Beradu’ –  ‘Yo ijazah terbaik datangnya dari jalanan, dari pengalaman, bercakar dan bersalaman’. I suppose theres truth in it then.

25)   What do u do during pastime? 
Read. Write. Reflect.

26)   May I say u r a successful working lady?  
Hehe.. thank you. Try saying that in few years time. Only then I feel like I deserve it.

27)   Do u like slow dance? 
Yah.. nari sampai nantok. Then sleep.  

28)   Do u socialise with people around u?
Its part of being human.

29)   Do u prefer baju kurung, simple & easy clothes to work? 
I would prefer working in scrubs eventhough Im not on surgical rotation. Just have to think on changing undies and tudung.

30)   Your height 5′ 3″ / weight 58 kgs
Much less. Think Sheila Majid.   

31)   Am I upsetting u with these questions?    
No.. Im loving it

32)   Do u prefer sea food or western set?  
No fair. I love both.  

33)   Do u go to mamak stall for roti canai & teh tarik?   
Teh tarik and roti telur to be exact.



1. Pok Deng - October 10, 2008

16) Best dishes cooked?
Friends say my black pepper. Ibarat makanan kapal terbang katanya.

Now I can approve you as a real Sarawakian woman. Black pepper at its best.

2. mossavi - October 10, 2008

Minci, love yr answers hehehe BTW, yr page bertukar-tukar wajah 🙂

PokDeng, memang wanita Sarawakian jati dia itu …….

3. Pok Deng - October 10, 2008

Mun sidak melanau, harus nya berik makan ulat mulong sama aunty. Baked Ulat Mulong With Black Pepper Sauced Melted In The Mouth by Chef Dr. Minci. Okay, that sounds flashy.

4. mossavi - October 10, 2008

Yikes ….. apa kah itu Ulat Mulong amat enak sekali?

5. maymay - October 10, 2008

jom! saya belanja teh tarik 😉

6. daju - October 11, 2008

kak min, you doesn’t seem to look like a person yang suke Red pun..
i thought green is your color..ouh well, i give you an award..probably ramai lg kot dh bagi..so check my blog k..

7. mossavi - October 13, 2008

Daju, aunty nak check blog u boleh …..?

8. Mossavio - October 14, 2008

…and you have forgotten that you have had a PA satu masa dulu when you were on your way back to Malaysia for break. Hahahaha

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