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:: Todays news October 11, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

In today’s news..

A virgin shark (named TidBIt) produces a pup in Virginia aquarium. Scientists confirmed that it’s the second case of “virgin birth” after one reporting in a zoo at Omaha in 2002. The process is called parthenogenesis. What happens is that the female eggs develops spontaneously into embryos y some sort of hormones. Interestingly, this process has been known to happen in KOmodo dragons, snakes, birds, fish and amphibians! How’s that for ‘Fakta menarik hari ini?’

 Parthenogenesis : Baby conceived without male sperm fertilizing the females eggs.

Secondly, Dalai Lama just underwent a gallstone surgery.

In China, theres a sudden turnup of drug-resistant HIV strains.

And finally, two volunteers working for the French medical charity Medecins du Monde were kidnapped on one of their visits to a drought-stricken area. A female Japanese doctor and a male Dutch nurse. Kidnappers say that they free the hostages if Ehtiopia releases the Somali prisoners.




1. Puteri Nad :) - October 11, 2008

hehehe kakmin..
ni AP ke Routers?

anyways..since shark adalah mammal..maka buleh la nnt girls beranak sendri..tu ke yg orang syok ok

2. Puteri Nad :) - October 11, 2008


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