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:: Butter Cake Versi Planet October 21, 2008

Posted by Minci 先生 in Birthday Wishes, Food and Drinks.

It was Miyaki’s Bday on the 19th of October. Happy Birthday sweetie pie. Did Aizat get you a nice present?

This is how my Butter Cake Versi Planet turned out. I think Miyaki’s swirls are prettier.



Recipe :
1 buku butter
3/4 glass of sugar
1 1/2 glass of flour
6 eggs ( if eggs are big, use 5)
vanilla essence
1 teaspoon of baking powder

Preparation :
1. Beat sugar with butter till ‘white’
2. Add eggs one by one
3. Then flour
4. Baking powder, vanilla essence
5. Separate mixture in little bowls for different colours
6. Blob it in baking thingy and put in pre-heated oven



1. Pok Deng - October 21, 2008

I think you should set up a bakery shop. “Minci’s Bakery,” how about that?

2. yo - October 21, 2008

hi i like cake but didnt know to make hehe

3. Puteri Nad =) - October 21, 2008

wow..sangat nampak sedappppppppppppppppppp

4. Gubuan - October 21, 2008


saya rindu kamu kamu masih mengingati saya?
hows life dearie?


5. Puteri Nad =) - October 21, 2008

owh abang wan hanya rindu kakmin!bluek

6. Minci 先生 - October 21, 2008

Nah.. Im not that much good of a cook/baker.. I think I’ll stick to medicine.. ha ha ha..

takper sayang.. just follow the recipe and instructions.. 🙂

its surprisingly lembut and the taste of the ‘sirap’ mmg kuat. Red colour tuh I guna sirap lah.. he he
n sila jgn jeles.. hehehe

WanZu Dearie!!!!!
Rindu kamu juga wahai sahabat.. he he
Life is pretty much on a plateau at the moment..
I hope my pensyarah yang kejang kaki di gunung ittew sudah ok..
*wink wink*

7. Puteri Nad =) - October 21, 2008

*hahahha winking too arah abiwan*

8. miyaki - October 22, 2008

hehehehehhehe, wahhhh i very like the blue la!! very the ceria n semangat n lain dpd yg lain! nyam nyam!
dah lama dah aku semacam hendak membake some cake or something tp tak terjenguk kabinet for flour la, huhu
hehe, mekaseh kamen, hehehe, mmuah! mmuah!
aizat post bunga, tihihihihihihihi *muka merah

9. Minci 先生 - October 22, 2008

auw..that is like so sweeeeeet… good of him..

10. daju - October 22, 2008

omg…colorful and cantekknyeee..

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